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I'm an American that loves to branch out and explore other cultures. Art and writing are my vocations and passions, and I enjoy seeing them combined in dramas.  I will give anything a try, but I do have expectations that have to be met or I'll cheerfully move on.  I've had a few interesting jobs, like working at Disney on a "personal basis" with Alice (of Wonderland) and Wendy (from Peter Pan).  I've also served in the American military for a few years.  

I'm not afraid to speak up when it comes to having the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint, on the individual and global level.  I don't think we can move forward as humans until the scales of freedom and equality are balanced in all societies.  As long as it harms no one, I think we should be allowed to learn and explore as we will. There will always chaos, and those who seek to harm others through their own hatreds, prejudices and fears.  BUT- to take away people's rights to think,  learn and talk about it won't stop that, it's just an abuse of power. I also have zero tolerance for bullying and intimidation tactics. I'm an advocate for the rights of the underdog, be they women, overly judged ethnicities, or the underpaid. 

I love to make new friends especially from other countries, and see other points of view, so add me or chat with me even if you don't agree with my opinion on something.  I love a good debate, so feel free to kick up a discussion if you have a different view on whatever I've written about.

I judge dramas differently based on the type of drama they are. I don't expect the light and fluffy shows to have deep intrinsic meaning, not do I expect the complex historical dramas to make me giggle. It's a nice treat if it happens, but to, say,  expect red when you chose a blue seems self defeating. I'm glad there's a variety out there. What I love best is a well written, consistent drama with a strong smart lead, especially female. 

I think a good OST can totally make a show exponentially better. I've added a lot of soundtracks to my playlist, and even if I don't always remember the intricate details of the lyrics when I'm just listening to them, I feel the emotion behind them. 

I do my best to explore arts universally, and for the past few years I've been watching and reading Asian cinema, anime and manga. Without being able to travel extensively as I  might wish as well, I can only imagine it is the best way to deep dive into cultures and try to understand them from various points of view.


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