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NYC. It's a concrete jungle, out here.
Avid movie and drama watcher. A bit critical of what I watch. 

Got into East Asian entertainment/media through Korean/Chinese/Filipino American friends from high school way, way back (my parents are immigrants from India!).

 First Kpop song that I ever listened to was Se7en's "Passion". First jdrama I ever watched was "1 Litre of Tears". First kdrama that I ever watched was "Sweet 18". Frankly, it's been a long time ... but I started this journey young. :)

Now, my kpop fever has died down (but I do get nostalgic at times) and I am much more discerning with what I watch. 


Likes the heartwarming, the simple, the gripping, the compelling, the funny, the poignant, the unusual, and the offbeat.

Check out my lists for my Drama/Movie recommendations!


2023 favorites  (in no order):

    • Fake It Till You Make It
    • My Journey To You
    • Stand By Me
    • Call It Love
    • Moving
    • Not Others
    • Revenant
    • Shadow Detective Season 2 
    • 0.5 Otoko
    • Grace no Rireki



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