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NYC. It's a concrete jungle, out here. 
Avid movie and drama watcher. A bit critical of what I watch. 

Got into East Asian entertainment/media through Korean/Chinese/Filipino American friends from high school way, way back (my parents are immigrants from India!).

First Kpop song that I ever listened to was Se7en's "Passion". First jdrama I ever watched was "1 Litre of Tears". First kdrama that I ever watched was "Sweet 18". Frankly, it's been a long time ... but I started this journey young. :)

Now, my kpop fever has died down (but I do get nostalgic at times) and I am much more discerning with what I watch. 


Likes the heartwarming, the simple, the gripping, the compelling, the funny the poignant, the unusual, and the offbeat.

Check out my list for my Drama/Movie recommendations!


Um ... I went a little gif-happy. Just random, fave gifs.

 tumblr_m1txv68Kp31r0a5z2o1_r1_500.gif Stand Up!

f8b4a9056c7204b62b7dcbfa8d8d8b7618b13a64 Age of Youth

tumblr_mj7zwafSdk1qb2rmxo1_400.gif Saikou No Rikon

tumblr_mg6rrxOXbZ1qe4afto1_250.gif Evasive Inquiry Agency

tumblr_ncnibpGo9M1r45g3go1_500.gif Aoi Honoo

tumblr_onlmgeKuTV1rqg3fvo2_500.gif Chief Kim

tumblr_ncjn4tFeMn1u03g6eo1_400.gif Hana Kimi

tumblr_n0w1taW7CW1r18797o1_250.gif Choo Sarang

tumblr_mv7czcHME71qe9cl2o1_500.gif Kimi Lin


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