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I grew up watching dramas, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Korean and the like on local channels, so I've never really been a stranger to kdrama, although I really only got into the addiction last year. Before then, I was just a casual watcher who finished maybe two to four dramas a year. This meant that when I finally bit the hook, I had a lot of territory to explore. So with this account, I hope to keep track of all the kdramas I've ever watched. Here's to more dramas to come!





2017 Timeline

Voice; Completed 27/03

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon; Completed 18/04

W Two Worlds; Completed 22/04

My Girl; Completed 28/04

Perfect Wife; Completed 03/05

Tomorrow With You; Completed 04/05

Divorce Lawyer In Love; Completed 05/05

Mask; Completed 13/05

The Girl Who Sees Smells; Completed 19/05

Mystery Queen; Completed 27/05

Tunnel; Completed 29/05

Chicago Typewriter; Completed 05/06

You're All Surrounded; Completed 13/06

Circle Two Connected Worlds; Completed 28/06

My Only Love Song; Completed 04/07

Last Scandal Of My Life; Completed 11/07

Fight My Way; Completed 12/07

Lookout; Completed 12/07

Sassy Go Go; Completed 12/07

Awl; Completed 23/07

The Best Hit; Completed 24/07

Rebel Thief Who Stole The People; Completed 28/07

Forest Of Secrets; Completed 31/07

Seven Day Queen; Completed 04/08

Faith; Completed 14/08

Woman Of Dignity; Completed 21/08

School 2017; Completed 06/09

Falsify; Completed 16/09

The King Loves; Completed 21/09

Rescue Me; Completed 25/09

Strongest Deliveryman; Completed 25/09

I Remember You; Completed 10/10


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