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anywhere between time and space


anywhere between time and space

Welcome to my Profil!


I'm a KDrama-Fan since 8 years now and recently also interested in other productions. I love Dramas most when the characters are not just black and white and I adore the beloved-enemy-motive

Moreover they say things which gives me goosebumps and I cannot forget:


Great pictures and the beautiful soundtrack often create such an emotional atmosphere:


The genre I like most is revenge. But not just the western style, where the evil guys gets beaten and the good one is still the good one in the end... NO! More like

The Second aspect I love is unconditional and unrealistic love of man for just one woman:

And Dramas often bear a kind of moral which should be clear but it is great to say it out loud which happens to less:

By the way, if you like my profil, check me out on pinterest ;)

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