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I remember the day my life changed as if it was yesterday, it was the end of 2012's winter right after completing my master's, i fell into a black hole , not knowing what to do with my life, as if another chapter had just ended, and then suddenly a thought struck me, i kept on bumping into a tw-drama called down with love on youtube while looking for the movie down with love ( renée zellweger x ewan mcgregor forever!) and thought to myself, let's give it a shot, what can go wrong? 

A week later, after binging on down with love, autumn's concerto and secret garden, it was the point of no return, i never looked back, it enriched my life and opened my eyes to a world where series suck us into a different reality and have an ending  , a world where romance still exists and is not defined as lets jump into bed five seconds after meeting each other (hopeless romantic here, a world which allowed me to connect to people on a different level. Even though, i'm sometimes looked strange upon by my friends, i'm happy that i ran into down with love that one day. 

i mostly watch korean drama's with a smattering of mainland china, taiwanese and japanese (aswell as US/UK series)

My favourite drama (forever probably) is Nirvana in fire <3 <3 <3 


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