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H   E   L   L   O  ,i'mkiera

nice to meet you  |ω・)ノ 

a bio:

  1. im a lil, 17-year-old crybaby from a smol singapore
  2. i have a really old, fluffy, brown dog named chewy
  3. if im not studying, working, or socialising, im on my bed with a box of tissues, ready to devote and bequeath my soul to a show
  4. i dont watch dramas during school including weekends, i wait for months till theres a holiday 
  5. i study nursing  (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃━✿✿✿✿✿✿ 
  6. i drop way too many dramas, a lot of them are really popular ones too  (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ
  7. im chinese so i speak fluent chinese and english huuuuray
  8. my fav genre combinations are melodrama+comedy romance and xianxia/wuxia+fantasy+romance

m o r e    i n t e r e s t i n g   s t u f f s :

some fav c dramas:

  1. eternal love (obviously)
  2. princess agents
  3. ode to joy 2
  4. battle of changsha
  5. when a snail falls in love
  6. the mystic nine


some fav k dramas:

  1. another oh hae young
  2. goblin
  3. reply 1988
  4. romantic doctor, teacher kim
  5. beautiful mind
  6. the master's sun

fav thai drama ever: gray rainbow 

some fav movies (mixed):

  1. 71: into the fire
  2. the con artists
  3. the man from nowhere
  4. a wedding invitation
  5. go away mr tumor!
  6. always
  7. miracle in cell no.7

fav ost songs:

  1. 凉凉- aska yang & zhang bichen      (eternal love ost)
  2. about to cry- stella jang & kisum      (storyabout : 썸, 한달 episode 4 ost)
  3. just like a dream- ben      (another oh hae young ost)
  4. can you hear my heart- epik high & lee hi     (moon lovers ost)
  5. 緣- 黃曉明   (cruel romance ost)
  6. light- john park    (medical top team ost)
  7. dont cry- lee hyori    (i need romance 3 ost)
  8. remember- dear cloud    (i remember you ost)
  9. its alright, its love- davichi     (its okay, its love ost)
  10. 因你- william chan    (lost love in times ost)


das it for now fam, redecorating my bio soon ! till next time ( ・ิ ͜ʖ ・ิ)


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