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♪ 。*.  Hello! Welcome to my profile! 。*・♪ 

My first expierence with this world was in 2011. A friend who is not here at the time listened a lot of k-pop and at that time she recommended me watching the movie Attack on the Pin-up Boys because yes, Super Junior was her favorite group. In the end after much insistence I ended up watching the movie and I fell in love with Super Junior. And then it was when I entered to the world of k-pop. At the end of that year was when I saw my first kdrama. To be honest, since then I didn't watch many dramas, but now here I am eight years later in Dramaland being a drama addict because IvyButton's fault

About me:

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I have started to give ratings but I am really bad at it. Clarify that I will not give ratings below 5 because I am one of those who think that although something is not the best, it has fulfilled its function of entertaining.

On the other hand, the ratings of 10 are things that I liked very much and I would never get tired of seeing it or things that I was not very convinced that I would like and ended up leaving me very impressed.

As for the other ratings, I try to be as realistic as possible in my opinion.


My firsts

First Korean Drama: Boys Over Flowers

First Korean Movie: Attack on the Pin-up Boys

First Taiwanese Drama: Skip Beat!

First Chinese Movie: The Stolen Years 

First Thai Drama: Make it Right: The Series


My favorite actor: Lee Jong Suk

My favorite dramas: 

I Hear your Voice


My favorite K-pop groups:




Other K-pop groups that I listen to often:

Stray Kids

OSTs I like

This section will grow so don't be scared if one day it gets too long.

Are You Human Too? OST Part.2: Lyn & HanHae - Love
Because This is my First Live OST Part.1: MeloMance - I Want to Love
Descendants of the Sun OST Part.6: K.Will - Talk Love
Doctor Stranger OST Part.1: Bobby Kim - The Stranger
Goblin OST Part.1: EXO ChanYeol & Punch - Stay With Me
Goblin OST Part.4: Crush - Beautiful
Goblin OST Part.7: So You - I Miss You
Goblin OST Part.14: Han Soo Ji & Heize - Round and Round
Hwarang: The Beginning OST Part.2: BTS V & Jin - Even if I Die, it's You
I Hear your Voice OST Part.1: Every Single Day - Echo
I'm not a Robot OST Part.2: Stella Jang - Will You Know?
I'm not a Robot OST Part.3: Kim Yeon Ji - The Words in My Heart
Moorim School OST Part.1: Ha Seong - Run
To the Beautiful You OST Part.1: J-Min - Stand Up
Welcome to Waikiki OST Part.1: Ulala Session - Waikiki Wonderland
Who Are You - School 2015 OST Part.1: Tiger JK feat. Mad Soul Child Jinsil - Reset
Who Are You - School 2015 OST Part.2: BaeChiGi feat. Punch - Fly With the Wind

... Bio still in progress


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