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Welcome to my profile!

I've been watching dramas since 2011 (does that make me a veteran?), but i haven't watched as many dramas as other people here. I've been watching dramas  for 8 years and have  only completed 50ish dramas ,that's basically because i  am a turtle watch dramas slowly  and rarely binge watch, and also because i have "drama-free phases" that can last for months.    

1st Drama (2011) - Boys Over Flowers
50th Drama (2019) - Romance is a Bonus Book


Random things about me/I like      
•28  •Virgo •Tea addict  •Books •Winter •Rainy days •Movies •Anime •Ghibli •Doctor Who •Kpop   

My firsts    

Korean Drama - Boys Over Flowers
Japanese Drama - Last Cinderella 
Chinese Drama - Love me if you dare
Thai Drama - Full House
Taiwanese Drama - Hello Again!

Sometimes i watch dramas with my friend ➺  safirblaSVT .


My ratings are based only on my subjective opinion and feelings, I judge purely by enjoyment level. I don't like to complicate things. I see something, I either like or dislike it. So be warned. A good rating doesn't necesarily mean good quality, it  means that I enjoyed it very much (although, it could still be a good drama of course).

My favourite K-pop groups 

 Feel free to add or message me. Don't be shy! 

Thanks for visiting!


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