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Hi everyone :)

I like watching dramas and movies mostly from Korea, Japan and Taiwan. I also tried a few dramas from China and Vietnam but not completely hooked like Korean or Japanese dramas. I'm a newbie for Thai dramas but it's just the beginning...

For the second year, I will try to do the 2018 Watch Challenge but I will not watch as much as I did last year, it was so crazy at the end of the year trying to complete my 2017 list. XD

I'm also addicted to korean variety shows. Whenever I finish a drama, I feel watching k-shows to change my mood (you know what I mean if you are a drama-addicted person ^^) so I can start another drama :)

I really love MDL, so I can get some new recommendations and remember what I have to watch :)

Currently listening to:

My firsts:

  • Korean drama: Spring Waltz
  • Japanese drama: Last friends
  • Taiwanese drama: Miss Rose
  • Chinese drama: Waiting for you
  • Vietnamese drama: Suddenly want to cry
  • Thai drama: Princess Hours Thai
  • Hong Kong drama: Love In Time
  • Korean movie: My little bride
  • Japanese movie: Kikujiro
  • Taiwanese movie: Secret
  • Chinese movie: One smile is very alluring
  • Thai movie: Teacher's diary


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