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Sally Chan

United States

Sally Chan

United States

Hey guys! 

First off, I'm currently in college studying business. I recently graduated high school in June 2018.

My favorite things to do are drinking boba, trying different foods to eat and of course boba, shopping, going to different places to explore, watch Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese dramas; hangout with friends; and take pictures. Now I started to watch Thai Dramas as well due to the first one that I watched called "My Dear Loser Series: Monster Romance."

My very first drama that led me to becoming a drama fan was "Dream High." I know it is a common drama where everyone would start and everything is history. For me, the way I watch dramas is first, go on YouTube and watch the MV's of the dramas and also play OST's from the dramas. I am not a KPop fan but more of listening to OST's more due to its emotions that the OST's give. Afterwards, I end up watching the drama. 

Mostly I find dramas based on who the actors and actresses are and go from there. 

I created a list of favorite dramas that I really liked, favorite actresses, and also favorite actors. Hopefully, I will have the time to continue watching dramas. :)


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