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Yowzah, nice to meet you. I'm Smi

I'm a 22 years old university student, currently majoring in Korean studies. I studied animation in school and originally planned to follow a career in the film industry but Korean cinema ignited my love for the Korean language so if I never find a job due to my useless university degree, K-Dramas are to blame.

I'm always on the lookout for news, fresh dramas, no matter what genre but I am especially interested in finding queer content, since I am actually planning on writing my thesis about gay representation in Korean film and television.

Other than that I  can't resist a good thriller, slice of life-content,  as well as light-hearted romance dramas with smart, capable female leads and men that know boundaries.

Oh and I am also a filthy communist! Not that important probably but anti-capitalist rethoric and Marxist analysis might appear in my reviews every now and then. Probably not in my romance reviews though.

What my rating means:

10 - A favorite. Absolutely obsessed with. Lives in my mind rent-free, as the teens say,
9 - Really damn good, still an obsession and would definitely rewatch.
8 - Still very good, would still recommend but far from perfect.
7 - Decent. Didn't blow my mind but still had fun with it.
6 - Not my thing but I am not upset with it either.
5 - Boring but not to an offensive degree yet. Could probably be a personal preference thing.
- I genuinely think this is objectively bad but I have also seen worse
3, 2, 1 - Pure hatred, rage, desperation, agony

Anyways here are my top five Asian dramas in no particular order:

“Even the blackest darkness disappears in the faintest light.”   

"You should try and cause at least a little bit of trouble once in a while. If not, it's gonna be an immediate big problem later. "

“At the age of 18, we think we can love anyone … and worry too much about little things. Eighteen. Adults say at this age, we laugh at the simplest things. But at that time, we were serious. Harder and more intense than most adults.” 

”Cats don’t have neocortex unlike humans, so they don’t get bored or depressed even if they have the same food or do the same things in the same house in their daily lives. Cats have neither a future nor a past. Only one kind of species on Earth locks itself up in time. They’re human beings.
Only human beings use age to make other spend money and draw emotions. That’s what humans got in exchange for evolution. ”

"There's no need for an answer if there is no answer."

I also have a YouTube channel for all things politics/media-analysis:

My essay on Because This Is My First Life


Also here is a quick list of female characters that own my heart:

I always appreciate it when people check out my reviews as I put a lot of thought into them.  
If I sent you a friend request, that probably means that I love your writing style/ just agree with your general views.

Anyways, I'm still fairly new to this website but  would love to make friends on here. Thanks for visiting my profile, that's all for now. 



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