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Hi. Im a Romance drama addict.  Loves simplicity.  Appreciates complexity. 

Wife of my own hero and mummy to lil E and lil S.

# Drama Requirements:

  1. Plot and pacing that keeps you entertained and hooked;
  2. ML and FL that has good chemistry;
  3. No jarring edits (that makes it hard to follow) or crappy dubbing.


  • Character development.. watching them grow and learn and be a better version of themselves 
  • Moving and/or memorable scenes.. that stayed with you long after you finish. 
  • Good messages .. something that reminds you not to take things and life for granted

 Bingeing on mostly C dramas n Kdramas.

2021: List of favorites (as of October)

Move To Heaven (Kr) - 10/10

 Life - Medical Condition - Family - Society.

Literally moved to tears. Indie styled. Range of 'clients' and their stories. Understated and on-point acting. Love the way ML and his father's story started and flowed and follow through. It's a drama that gave you a lot and was in many ways cathartic. I need more of this kind of quality drama where they are real stories to tell, things you are reminded of, things that are new and makes you learn. SO GOOD.  
The Imperial Coroner (Cn) - 10/10

Murder - Mystery - Historical -Strategy - Political.

Here's a writer that wrote it like a genuinely good mystery book. All the puzzle pieces carefully setup and seamlessly weaved through different cases that all came together. This was so well paced and kept you hook even if you aren't fond of palace politics (me lol). A ML who is intelligent without being arrogant and who admires a woman's intelligence too. That in historical timeline is damned rare.
Our Secret (Cn) - 10/10

 Youth - School - Romance - Deskmates - First Love

Guilty pleasure. Perhaps better than the novel. It's one where the ambiguity is nicely done. The grey area of deskmate/friend/crush. ML and FL who only have each other's best interest at heart. They both go to great lengths to protect their precious deskmate status. The courage the FL lead had pursuing the ML in college is commendable. The chemistry is sweet and comfortable like soft chocolate chip cookies.
Remembrance of Things Past (Cn) -9.5/10
Life - Society - Depression - Friendship - Family - Love

The drama that hurts when I watch but healed me in the end. A very real story of pressures of young people in the big city. Very moving performance by the entire cast. Highlights of family love, of friendship, of romance, of courage. 12 episodes with a clear concise message and ultimately ends on a very hopeful note. Very rare in C-dramaland! One I would remember for a long time and am glad to have watched.
You Are My Hero (Cn) - 9.5/10

Action - Medical - Romance -
First Love 

Rare mixed genre that was well balanced, well written and well edited. Convincing portrayal of both leads in their profession showing their dedication and sacrifices. That awkward, shy but sweet first love and first time in a relationship was truly captured and delivered. Butterflies in my tummy and silly smile on my face watching ML and FL together. Kudos to the leads and production team. I love the OST too!

2020: List of favorites (Scored 9.0 and above )

Oh My Sweet Liar (CN)

Historical-Romance-Comedy- perfect blend of all the things I love. Excellent production and writing.. no stupidity in character; no rushed ending; harmonious couple dedicated to each other. Among my favorite C-dramaland couple of yr 2020

I Don't want to be friends with you (CN)

Fantasy-Friends-Family-Light Romance genre I didn't expect to be as awesome as it was. Mother-daughter scenes really grab at me. 

 Go Ahead (CN)

Family-Drama-Romance-Friendship genre. I didn't expect to cry and be moved and be filled with warmth. Amazing casts too. Father of the year award to Li Haichao. Huge breakthrough by Steven Zhang as Zi Qiu; his best yet. Jian Jian was a lovely character that long after I finish, I still remember her warmth.

 Under The Power (CN)

Historical-Detective-Romance genre.. I didn't expect such a beautifully developed and well paced romance that was subtle yet deepen and blossom with each episode. It also became one that I re-watched a good number of times.

 * Life as Drama Addict: Losing Sleep Binging Dramas every night \(^.^)/

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