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Novel lover.  Romance drama addict.  Loves simplicity.  Appreciates complexity. 

Wife of my own hero and mummy to lil E

Been on a drama-hiatus. Back after 7months of drama drought

Recently completed: Cinderella chef, Come & hug me, Legend of Yun xi & Meteor Garden, 

Currently watching: 30 but 17, Ashes of love

Dramaland: Fav on screen couple 

Do Bong Soon & Ahn Min Hyuk - Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Jeon Joon Hyung & Kim Bok Joo (Chubs) - Weightlifting Fairy

Kang Chul and Oh Yeon Joo (W two worlds)

Jae In and Da Hyun/ Da da (Something about 1%)

Do Kyung & Hae Young [Another Miss Oh]

Joong won & Gong shil [The Master's sun]

Ji jia wei & Guan xiao tong [Murphy's law of love]

Chef Kang & Na bong sun [Oh my ghost]

Bong Do & Hee Jin [Queen Inhyun's man]

Feng Teng & San san [Boss & me]

Lee Gun & Mi Yeong [Fated to love you- korean ver]


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