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Border Town Prodigal chinese drama review
Border Town Prodigal
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by SiennaNgo
Sep 15, 2016
50 of 50 episodes seen
Overall 6.0
Story 6.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 5.0
Rewatch Value 4.0
I personally feel that the drama's trailer was misleading. The drama turned out way different to what I expected and not only was I surprised, I actually really didn't like it. There were too many times when a misunderstanding occurred between the main couple. There was overuse of phrases like "my destiny is to..." "but I want to live like this, but I've got no choice" " I must avenge my father" "I love you" then "I hate you" (Lol. They probably ran out of lines to say) I was like, I get the idea, the characters are confused due to what they've been though but it was over elaborated and it felt over complicated. Add in a few extra plot twist and unnecessary new inputs to the already tangled plot line, you get WTF IS GOING ON? However, character development is shown as the drama proceeds. Basically, all the chaos and pain is caused by the idea of revenge and betrayal, which got really really annoying since one moment everything is fine the BAM!-- it gets worse, then slowly everything is peaceful BUT NO some other trouble stirs it all up again and again and again.... and that kind of replays that through the episodes. There were sweet and funny moments with Ye Kai and Ding Ling Ling which were really cute. There were nice fighting scenes and special effects. Costumes were really nice too and the music was alright, that middle eastern tune was overplayed whenever they danced. I also liked the casting and felt they did as best they could with the role given. The ending was so FRUSTRATING!!! It was really sad, disappointing and a little confusing. I watched 50 episodes and this is what I end up with? I guess the unhappy ending is refreshing....? #givememytimeback
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