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MJ Koontz

Back to being lost in America

MJ Koontz

Back to being lost in America

A westerner who was lured into the unknown by the Pinoy series Gameboys appearing on Netflix at the beginning of 2021 as the Covid Crisis plagued the world around me. Seduced into the BL world of the far East, I have spent most of this year delving head first into an entirely new universe of Dramas that have provided fresh entertainment amongst the static and stale offerings of my own hemisphere. Now fully exploring even the straight stories of Korean, Japanese, Thai, Pinoy, and Taiwanese Dramas, I continually find more to love in cultures and worlds, until now, I have little explored.

I do not watch Chinese Dramas, unless they are banned in the mainland for fighting against the censorship of the country. Bromances that turn gay content into straight stories under the guise of morality will never be viewed or supported by me. If you have watched or know of Chinese films or dramas that have gone up against this blatant control of artistry and free thought then by all means let me know and I will watch and support them simply out of principle. Otherwise no Chinese recommendations please.

10 = A++, 5-Stars, Perfect. (Basically never given. There is always room for improvement.)

9.5 = A+ , 4 3/4-Stars. Exemplary, Absolute Must See. (Extremely Rare)

9 = A, 4 1/2-Stars. Strong in all aspects, Best of the Bunch and worth your time. (Very Rare)

8.5 = A-, 4 1/4-Stars. Better than most and a Top Pick. Give it a shot. (Rare)

8.0 = B+, 4-Stars. A solid all around entry that will likely not disappoint. (Slightly Common)

7.5 = B, 3 3/4-Stars. Shows its flaws but remains strong, likely to be enjoyed.  (Common)

7.0 = B-, 3 1/2-Stars. Flawed and imperfect, but still worthy of a watch. (Very Common)

6.5 = C+,3 1/4-Stars. Just North of Average. At it worst entertaining. (Most Common)

6.0 = C, 3-Stars. Average in every way. 50/50 shot of liking it due to viewer taste. (Very Common)

5.5= C-, 2 3/4-Stars. Just Below Average. Came up short but with bright spots. (Common)

5.0 = D+, 2 1/2-Stars. Lacking and filled with flaws. Die Hards will likely still love it. (Slightly Common)

4.5 = D, 2 1/4-Stars. Little Enjoyment can be found here. Flaws strongly outweigh strengths. (Rare)

4.0= D-, 2-Stars. Hardly worth watching. Skip unless you just simply refuse. (Very Rare)

3.5 and Below = F, Less than 2-Stars. Not worth watching. A blight of its genre and a failure in overall storytelling and execution. The lower the grade, the worse I felt watching it. (Extremely Rare)


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