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libraries & kitchens


libraries & kitchens


I'm Raya. Common handles are mightymango, mangolete, and theairtwit! You can call me whichever. I both hoard and binge on Japanese dramas --- they are my main course, but I will have a side of Korean every now and then, and I'm not opposed to watching content from other Asian countries. Aside from being a drama addict, I'm sometimes busy attending school for nursing. I took my last pre-req this winter and will be applying soon-ish!

I also, on occasion --- when I feel like it --- read. I love literature and exploring new worlds inside many different genres, but this has become a seldom-held event since stuffing my face up to textbooks is a frequently repeated Thing I Do. Otherwise, I enjoy spending my time language-learning Japanese , dorking out about things like ATLA or Sailor Moon, and pack-ratting recipes to try.

Feel free to send a friend request. I don't really bite.



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