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My 2019 watch challenge: here

Hi everyone! I'm Giada, but you can call me Jade, and I live in Italy! I watch primarily Thai dramas and webdramas nowadays, mostly BL. I'm a fujoshi since February 2018. I started watching dramas around September 2017.

I also like K-pop, J-pop, Mando-pop and Thai-pop! My favorite groups are NCT, Stray Kids and Morning Musume. My ultimate biases are Mark, Jisung, Ten, Yuta, Winwin, Renjun, Taeyong, Han and Doyoung.

You can find me on IG: @__namatamago__.

My mother language is Italian, but I also speak English, and I'm currently studying Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Thai..

Favorite Dramas:

My First Korean DramaGoblin (9.5/10)
My First Korean Movie
Train to Busan (9.5/10)
My First Chinese Drama
My Mr. Mermaid (9.5/10)
My First Chinese Movie
Irresistible Love (9.5/10)
My First Taiwanese Drama
HIStory: My Hero (8.5/10)
My First Japanese Drama
Switch Girl!! (8.5/10)
My First Thai Drama
Together With Me (10/10)
My First Thai Movie
The Blue Hour (7/10)
My First Filipino Drama
Hanging Out (7.5/10)

How I rate: I tend not to give any rating below 6. If you see something below that, it means I didn't enjoy it at all and I'd never recommend it to anyone. 6 means average, 7 means not bad but could have been better, 8 means good, 9 means very good and 10 means amazing. I try to find something enjoyable in every show and movie I watch, be it the cast, the plot, the characters or the couples.

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