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my favourite dramas
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heyo! just an 18 y/o tired psychology student who occasionally watches dramas in her spare time-
✩°。⋆⸜ ?✮

a little bit about me:

  • my first drama was "dream knight" which i watched in 2018. since then, i've just been a casual viewer.
  • i love kpop, with seventeen, got7, exo, shinee and stray kids being my fav groups.
  • i'm an infp!
  • i love drawing, photography, listening to music, reading, long boarding, collecting albums, practicing taekwondo, spending time with family and friends, & skiing.
  • i'll pretty much watch anything as long as it has interesting characters and a unique plot (except for historical dramas, i really can't get into them). rom com & sci-fi are my go-to genres but i also love psychological thriller and horror as well.
  • other interests of mine at the moment include percy jackson, the wheel of time & sinjindrowning (๑˘ᵕ˘)

also, anyone is welcome to send me a friend request:) although i'm not very active (thanks, university T-T), i do enjoy interacting with you guys and receiving drama recommendations!


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