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Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India


Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Becoming Witch korean drama review
Becoming Witch
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by the_sapio_nerd
Sep 11, 2022
12 of 12 episodes seen
Overall 6.0
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 7.5
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 1.0


Combinedly produced by ‘Hi Ground’, ‘JS Pictures’, and ‘Great Story’, “Becoming Witch (마녀는 살아있다)” is a modern makjang-styled dark comedy drama with little mysteries. Written by Park Pa Ran and directed by Kim Yun Chul, the drama was broadcasted on TV Chosun.

The story follows the wrecked married lives of three friends in their 40s, as they set to put an end to the aggravations in the already-frustrating situations when things become unbearable at a point. Gong Ma Ri (Lee Yu Ri) is a housewife, married to the star anchorman Lee Nak Gu (Jung Sang Hoon) and has a daughter, finds out about her husband cheating on her. Chae Hee Soo (Lee Min Young) is married to a rich household, and takes care of her bed-ridden mother-in-law, is unable to conceive and thus having a bitter relationship with her husband Nam Mu Yong (Kim Young Jae). Yang Jin Ah (Yoon So Yi), a widower, lives a luxurious life with the money she got from the life insurance after her husband Kim Woo Bin (Ryu Yun Suk)’s death.

Other familiar faces in the drama are: Ye Soo Jung, Kim Hyun Jun, Park Yoon Hee, Jung Ah Mi, Sun Byung Sook, Han So Eun, etc.

Plot development was stable for the first half with several peaks which in the second half hit the shambles, particularly the last 3 episodes did dirty to the show. The beginning started impressive, it was a package of mixture of different elements: comedy, melodrama, melancholia, mysteries, etc. The progression was also a bit interesting as the two sides in the life of each of the 3 friends started going hard against each other. The problem was when all these soon escalated into the highest peak and it felt like they were quickly gonna run outta context, which actually happened.

The debutant writer has way more to go and learn. They did a good job establishing the pilot episode and the follow-up by adding attractive elements like the badass female leads, their fashionable outfits, suspicious behaviors, and shades to their individual stories. I was glad at the fact that the character assessment for the leads have been kept brief while elaborating more on behavioral psychology. The downgrade in writing could be a result of inexperience in handling the stress or something, for which the show felt exaggerated with some repetitions and became boring in the 2nd half. The way major twists were unveiled was entertaining.

I don’t know the director nor do I can judge his style of working but this wasn’t a good experience in overall. While the sound-editing and sequencing are up to par, the overall execution hits low by the end and the show stop making sense. The camera shots were likable ngl.

There are 6 OSTs…
# “Shut Up” by Kim Boa
# “Kill My Love” by City Noise
# “Every Morning” by ID: Earth
# “Now or Never” by Weki Meki
# ”I’ll Be With You” Kim Bo Young
# “Take Me Home” by Navi

Definitely not the best performance of Lee Yu Ri but this was a different kinda character from her previous roles and she aced it, every bit of it was interesting until the arc turned annoying. Happy for how Lee Min Young has improved and she carried out the misery of Hee Soo very well. Jung Sang Hoon was crazy.
Oracle’s café and the element of her being a badass feminist did intrigue a lot and loved it for sure. That part was exciting and thrilling at the same time.

Final Remarks… Pretty mediocre from every aspect, this drama pretty much missed the littlest of scope that could have been rethought and improved by the makers. The actors did their job but the lacking in the direction made it worse. My reason of starting this was the poster and Yuri’s look in it and was expecting something out of t but had t somehow finish the 2nd half for the sake of finishing. Not recommending even for one time watch.
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