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I love dramas with smart storytelling, great acting - directing, and non cliche plot/tropes. I hate dumb female leads. Sometimes i try to see drama from the writer point of view. Recently i tried to watch good underrated shows because it is refreshing. I love subtle romance, legal drama, and stories which can make the viewer so invested in its plot and make them actually care about it. 

cliches are being made because it works.

I watch any genres , but if it is over 40 has to be really really good. I love great horror movies. also thriller and their descendants.

1st kdrama & kmovie I ever watch ( in this scene they watch his own movie )

girl crush

current zero 

fave actress 

me when watching kdrama, also my favorite OTP :

me when my friend asking for a drama reccomendation

Favorite Bromance

Favourite Prosecutor

Favorite Cops

Favorite Soldier - Doctor couple

fave doctor ( until now I kinda avoid medical drama )

Favorite ship waiting to sail

Favorite Confession  or heartbreak

best fanservice in kdrama / best shower scene 

첫사랑 / best microexpression / fave character development 

fave antihero

fine wine

the definition of charming

 best with kids

the scene stealer

hottest BTS / offscreen chem

best kisseu

brooding champion

best fight scene

best umbrella scene / onscreen chemistry

uncharted territory


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