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Glorious Day
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by venni

Dec 1, 2014
44 of 44 episodes seen
Completed 1
Overall 6.0
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 6.0
Music 5.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
Glorious days is a family drama about two families and their relationships with each other. Whether you like or dislike this show is all up to whether you enjoy seeing every drama cliché in the book infused into one series. Recommended : - IF you like to see dramas where there are many couples and you see how they end up together. - IF you care more about drama and romance instead of an interesting story. - IF you are not bothered by low budgets. - IF you want to watch a drama with many different age groups in it. - IF you haven't tired of people "accidentally" falling on top of others... Story: Glorious days is very similar to other family dramas I've seen. The story is okay, but it repeats many themes you've already seen before if you have watched family dramas. They could've done so much more. The worst part of the storyline is that it is VERY predictable. As I said before, if you like predictable and cliché things you will enjoy this drama greatly. It caters you with lots of cheesy romance and it will tell you the story of multiple different couples of different ages and situations. Acting/cast: The cast was okay, but there were a few weak links that make the drama feel a bit flat and forced. I also had trouble relating and caring about some of the characters. This might be the writer's fault, but an actor should be able to make you care about their character even when the character is flawed in many ways. The cast also suffered from typecasting issues - you had too many actors you've already seen so many times portraying the EXACT same character. Music: The music was absolutely awful at some points. They even had a song that was almost ripped straight from the Super Mario soundtrack. There was no uniting theme to the music styles used and I don't remember hearing a single song with lyrics in it. All-in-all it seemed to be very low budget. Rewatch Value: I can't see myself ever watching this drama again. There were no super dramatic or super romantic scenes I would want to go back for. Overall: I was quite disappointed with this drama. A lot of people said it was good, but for me I was cringing throughout the series at the story and acting. I wanted to enjoy it, but there were a few characters that made it almost unbearable to watch. It's difficult to watch a family drama if you like some characters and hate others, because everyone gets their share of screen time. Another thing that added to the suffering was the stereotypical and really conservative story and characters. I feel that this drama was probably designed for Korean ahjummas who have very old fashioned values. If you like dramas like this please instead of this one watch: Ojakgyo brothers or King's family. They are a lot better in so many ways.
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