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New Zealand


New Zealand

I am an 18 yr old music student and I love creepy and kawaio and funny thingz huehhh

i LOVE music and anime hehh andalso gaming, primarily on the ds.

i love MY FIRST STORY. theyre my fave jrock band :D

ONE OK ROCK is my second.

my fave jpop girlgroup is AKB48 and their sister-groups.

fave male jpop group is hey say jump!!! cx LOVE ryosuke yamada!!

and saechan is my kamioshi of the 48familiezzzz xp

i hate cheesy things that dont have the soul. but if itz kinda cheesy but itz got meaning, i like.

yah get me?


so i dislike something like frozen, but love tangled :D


my youtube channel is violetgirl1996 and i upload random videos.

i make a lot of fanmade music videos hehe


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