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Fashionable Dramas

dramas with stylish characters/beautiful costumes

34 titles 1 love
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Underrated Actors/Actresses

actors/actresses that are great but rarely get the chance at a main main role

37 people 2 loves
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Beards in Drama/Movies

basically any drama/movie that has a main lead with a beard.

17 titles 3 loves 2 comments
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Best Time Traveling/Time Loop

only korean movies and dramas

21 titles 2 loves
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Best OST Singer
37 people 1 love 1 comment
public list
Favorite Webdrama

drama specials are included

30 titles
public list
Favorite Variety Show
31 titles
public list
Favorite Dramas

basically every drama I truly enjoyed, but I probably missed a few ;p

68 titles 4 loves
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Favorite Movies
42 titles 2 loves
public list

things I started in 2020 (dramas coming with me from 2019 are not counted)

30 titles
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My 2020 Challenge PTW

instead of losing things in a ptw , I'll add my 2020 to watch list here ;p,…

80 titles
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Actresses That Look Hot With Short Hair

I'll try to add a name + picture here as well (basically from a bob till pixie cut)Lee Joo Young / Kim Seo Hyung / Park Bo Young / Go Joon Hee…

20 people 1 love
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Most Anticipated Upcoming Drama

basically any upcoming drama. I'll delete each drama after they air ;)

59 titles 3 loves 8 comments
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Favorite Characters (female)

strong or just different and layered female characters. 74 characters and counting..

60 people 30 loves 3 comments
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Favorite characters (male)

65 characters and counting..

49 people 3 loves 1 comment
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2020 Upcoming Dramas

+ variety shows (I'm looking forward to)

28 titles 4 loves
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Actors That Excel At Dark Roles

actors that can act out dark, scary and complicated characters

53 people 5 loves 2 comments
public list
SRS (Supporting Role Syndrome)

Side Characters That Deserve Their Own Drama, ie, minor side characters that were interesting and deserved more screentimeI had to skim through…

72 people 9 loves
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K Movies I want to watch

waiting for release and subs..movies and specials..

25 titles 1 love
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Favorite Actors

ie Most Watched Actors/Actresses, not in any orderbasically I actually counted completed, on hold, drops and guest roles because it was easier…

100 people 3 loves 5 comments
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Favorite OSTs

in order of what I remembered first xDthis includes all exo OSTs even if I didn't like the drama ;)*spotify links (the rest are youtube links…

44 titles 1 love
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Best Couple From A Non Romance Drama

I usually enjoy couples that are hinted at in a drama with no romance genre more often than the forced love lines in romcoms

3 titles
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Idol Singers Turned Actors

Idol singers turned actors... (ie they officially debuted as "idols" before acting)please don't just vote for actors you like when they…

58 people 8 loves 6 comments
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Rising actors

ie, They deserve more main roles, better roles, or just more projects!needs more research ;p

28 people 3 loves
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Actors That Look Hot With A Beard

click on the names for picturesByun Yo Han / Choi Shi Won / Kim Kang Woo / Jang Hyuk / Yoo Yeon Seok / Song Seung Heon / Cha Seung Won /…

24 people 5 loves 4 comments
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Favorite Family

Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Daughters and Sons.. (in that order)

27 people 1 love
public list

teamance (teamwork) famance (father/daughter like relationship), sismance and bromace...

38 titles 3 loves
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Favorite 2nd leads

SLS and just interesting 2nd leads~

25 people 3 loves
public list
Age Gaps (the good, the bad and the awkward)

this is like a study case to analyze age gaps for myself ;)I tried to keep the gaps 5+ for both actor and/or character (excluding a few)my complains…

44 titles 3 loves
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Actors That Look Hot With Long Hair

I'll try to add a link for each actor here. Click on the namesWoo Do Hwan / Jang Dong Yoon / Yang Se Jong / Song Jae Rim / Jang Hyuk / Lay…

38 people 3 loves 4 comments
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Rare Gems

dramas that were different... in order of rewatch schedule~

22 titles 3 loves
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Great Actors with Horrible Drama Choices

Basically good actors that acted in one or more disappointing dramas/characters that didn't match their talent ;)     I previously made…

53 people 7 loves 6 comments
voting list
Best 'Body Switch' dramas and films!

What are your  favorite dramas and movies where two characters "magically" switch bodies?

16 titles 2 loves
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Favorite Couple❤

ships not included.. maybe they are..

35 titles 4 loves
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Idol Actors
19 people
public list
My Drama Career

every drama I ever started (might've dropped) plus movies and some variety shows~

158 titles
public list
Plot Twists

SPOILERS~ probably, but not too much...any plot twist I can remember~

13 titles
public list
Idol Bias List

I always say all of exo are number one, then comes suju and the others, but here I'll order them by "ultimate" bias in each group then…

62 people 1 love
public list
Actors/Characters I don't like

but bad acting doesn't equal to bad actor (some on this list are in my other fav lists)  also this consists of characters I don't like...... …

47 people 2 loves 6 comments
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jmovies I wanna watch
31 titles
public list
actors I like in disappointing dramas

the reason of disappointments:1- bad characters for the actor/actress I like2- horrible draggy empty plot3- sadly matched with a horrible female…

30 titles 1 love
public list
Best Dramas 2017
22 titles
public list
Daesang Actors

basically this list is for actors/actresses who had a great acting performance....

21 people
public list
Best Dramas 2019

out of 89(?) dramas, 58 completed and 31 drops.

17 titles 2 loves
public list
Favorite Villain

might contain spoilers

15 people
public list
Best Drama 2016
14 titles
public list
Best Dramas 2018

out of 43 completed dramas, plus 25 dropped dramas from this year, only 12 were worthy

12 titles 2 loves