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Weekly schedule

Sat: My Country

Sun: The Return of Superman.

Mon: The Tale of Nokdu + Flower Crew + Running Man.

Tue:  The Tale of Nokdu + Flower Crew.

Wen: Secret Boutique + The Running Mates + Extraordinary You.

Thu: Secret Boutique +The Running Mates + Extraordinary You.

Fri: Pegasus Market + My Country.

 a List of upcoming dramas I'm looking forward to~


♡♡ My favorite song in the world! ♡♡


♡♡ My favorite song #2! ♡♡


♡♡ My favorite song #3! ♡♡


 The factors I consider in my rating systemActing, Character, Story, Plot development and of course Personal Preferences ;p


The 1st time I saw EXO was on 30/5/2013 aka Wolf era and I wanna say I stanned them right away ;)


The moment I knew Lay is my ultimate bias was during shimdhimtapa 25/8/2013, I couldn't resist his smile  (though the date might be different for subbing reasons ;p)


❁ Some of my Favorite Dramas:

                                       Mr. Sunshine ❀                                                                                       ❀ Circle 

                                 ❀ Hotel del Luna                                                                                Be Melodramatic 

                                      Angry Mom                                                                                Woman of Dignity

                                   Search: WWW                                                                          Spring Turns to Spring ✿       

                                          My Mister ❀                                                                                         ❀  Memory 

                  ✿ The Secret Life of My Secretary ✿                                                        Feel Good To Die 

                                         Save Me                                                                                                  Mother  

                                               Live                                                                                          Come and Hug Me 

I wish drama writers realize, the wash rinse and repeat they do on popular trends needs to die down.. they should be a trendsetter not a follower like these dramas ;)


  1. 1st Asian drama (+Taiwanese Drama): Skip Beat!
  2. 1st Korean drama: Oh! My Lady
  3. 1st Japanese drama: Cat Street
  4. 1st Varity Show: Running Man

- The short version of how I became a kdrama fan: After they stopped dubbing Naruto I tried to continue the story from the manga. Then I started reading alot of random mangas, and I came across Skip Beat in late 2012... I fell in love with the story and Kyoko, so I watched the anime and later the live action drama (it was my 1st live action drama ;p)  

one English dubbed Japanese anime led me to a Japanese manga and it's Taiwanese live action with the 2 Korean idol actors that changed my life ;)

And so, in the drama I found Siwon and Doghae, probably in April 2013, even though the drama was not that great, both guys were perfect as their characters, and through them I found out about Super Junior.. Siwon's acting was so good that I tried my 1st Korean drama; Oh! My Lady...

basically, I watched more of Siwon’s dramas and variety shows (his RM ep wtih Jackie Chan) and I never looked back ;p


- The short version of how I became a kpop fan: I became a Super Junior fan almost immediately, and soon after, the members posted about their hobaes "EXO" on sns, and well I never looked back then either ;p


❁ My Favorite groups:

                                               EXO                                                                                               Super Junior 

                                            SPEED                                                                                                       ❀ TEN 

                                          Red Velvet                                                                                            ✿ KHAN  

plus more like, iKON, Eric Nam, Shaun and many others....
my music taste mostly consists of kpop, k.ballads, k.r&b, opera, Anastacia, Kelly Clarkson and Pink..


Well, I'm not weird about my  friends' list, but I feel that we should at least share some  "favorites", or something we both gave a 10 to.

I always love overanalyzing and discussing dramas, so feel free to start up or join my overanalyzing sessions ;p


Random gifs of mxing xing and beagle line babies ;p


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