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A Gift to the People You Hate thai drama review
A Gift to the People You Hate
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by Dace
Dec 22, 2019
10 of 10 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
Ever since the trailer came out, I couldn't wait for the show to finally air.

STORY: Through out the whole show there's one message which the viewer has to see and it's shown at the end as well. Through the characters of the show, we are shown what hate does to us and uses a lot of metaphors which I absolutely love! Every character has their meaning and has the screen time they deserve to tell their own story of how to have come to a point where they are now.

CAST: One of the reasons I wanted to watch it was because of the cast. After watching many Thai series, I have seen many good and not so good actors and this show for sure has the good ones. Tony (Chut), Mek (Num), Fiat (Oat), Victor (Krit) and many many others. Oh and of course we cannot forget the greatest character of all: The Shop Owner. THIS is the character that gave that humorous and that sarcastic vibe to the show which I JUST LOVE!!! The actor (I guess it's the one who played Chut's dad) executed the role just perfectly! All those little mannerisms, the way he talked, all of it just gave me the chills and that intriguing feeling every time.

MUSIC: I can't say anything other than the music really did give the right vibe of the show. Especially the OST. Even added it to my playlist.

REWATCH VALUE: I would 100% rewatch it. I would say that this for sure is one of my favourite shows this year. GMMTV has really been stepping up their game with shows like these.

OVERALL: This story brings along a really good message all through out it and concludes it at the end. Hate is always going to be there. Someone is going to have it. It may never leave this world, no matter how much we would want it to. We will just keep spending our life years on hating others and only when we are about to die, we will understand that all if this hate has been so useless and we have LOST those years that we could have spent with our loved ones, who hate will ultimately take away from us. The more we hate, the more years we spend. That's just the reality...
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