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Brunei Darussalam
South Of The Border
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by yanchan

Jun 14, 2012
Overall 7.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
Plot: A twist of fate, sometimes things wont go as planned and inevitable. But we never know what looms ahead. Great movie, but a bit slow though. Its normal for a melodrama to be slow, nonetheless, this movie really touched my heart. Acting: Of course as usual, we focus more on the main role. Cha Seung Won never cease to amaze me. I've watched 3 of his drama (the Greatest love, Athena; the goddess of war and City Hall) and 5 of his movies (kick the moon, blood rain, Blade of blood, South of the border, and Eye for an Eye) and so far this is the most melodramic movie he ever acted in and he's really is an amazing actor. Yeon Hwa (dunno her real name). I wish she can bring out more of her acting, nonetheless, her acting was above average. The chemistry between her and cha seung won in the movie was good too. Music: I like the music. Happy songs and sad songs were well projected in every scene. It can change the mood of the audience from happy to sad to happy again. Rewatch Value: I'm not really into melodrama movie, but because i knew cha seung won was such a great actor that i watched this movie. As for rewatching it, i dont think i will want to cry over something twice.
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