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Hi there!

Name: Nina
Age: 25
Studying: Everything I find interesting enough

I started watching (Asian) dramas while waiting for my University entry exam results. My friend and I were so anxious that we decided to watch something funny: Hana Yori Dango.
It was about four years ago: on September 2010.
Fortunately, I love both Korean and Japanese dramas, and I even tried Chinese, Taiwanese and Indian films! =)
I love K-Pop and J-Pop, as you also do, I guess, but mostly OSTs of the films and dramas I watch.
First J-Drama: Hana Yori Dango
First J-Movie: I give My First Love To You
First K-Drama: Bad Couple
First K-Movie: Kiss Me, Kill Me
First Tw-Drama: Heartbeat Love 
First Tw-Movie: You Are the Apple of My Eye
First C-Movie: Jackie Chan's or Jet Li's stuff
First Indian Movie: Pyaar Impossible


Right now I feel like only watching dramas with an over 8/10 rating, and/or with one of my favourite actors/actresses leading it >=

Also, I'm rewatching the ones I liked or feel like having a second look at, but of course MDL doesn't have the "15 times rewatched" option 

NOTE: To me, ON HOLD is like my Urgent Plan To Watch List, so don't get upset because I set a drama (already started) in that list. It's just that you can't pay attention to too many things at the same time!


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