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Hi ! everyone I just subscribed mydramalist but I am here almost 2 years. I just curious about how many hours did I spent to watch dramas/movies and I could not believe it! I must be crazy but I love watching dramas. I always think that I am not addicted  I said myself that I just want to spend time and be happy with dramas BUT it looks like I am addicted :)  so what? let's enjoy more together.
life is generally hard and boring we just need a little bit peace :)

Here's my top 5 kdrama ;

Top 1 : Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

I don't know if any drama can change it :)

Top 2 : My Mister 

Top 3 : Just Between Lovers 

Top 4 : Go Back Couple 

Top 5 : Reply 1988 

Here's my top 5 cdrama  ; 

Top 1 :  Princess Weiyoung

Top 2 : Le Coup De Foudre

Top 3 :  My Mr. Mermaid

Top 4 : Put Your Head On My Shoulder 

Top 5 :  Ashes of Love


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