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Birth of a Beauty Episode 21

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To marry Sa Keum Ran, Tae Hee needs Lee Kang Joon to sign the divorce paper. Han Min Hyuk plots to kill Tae Hee.
  • Aired: January 11, 2015

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Jan 12, 2015

Leave this all behind you, and Live well


Everything comes to a neat little close with a bow on top. Right when you think all the Drama hitches are going to jump out of the bushes, the writers go "Haaa~ you thought we were going to blow them up didnt you?/ You thought we would give someone amnesia didnt you?/you thought someone was going to be siblings didnt you??" (But I seriously would have bet my life that the baddy from 20 years ago was Han Min Hyeoks real dad).

Sa Geum Ran's confession at the end <3 <3 <3 so lovely, touches the heart. venting her insecurities, and him listening as she did so TT~TT.

The two adulterers were absolute children, which is pretty disgusting considering how old they are and how they commited murder (in the real world Sa Geum Ran would have died, in drama land she survived via vengence).

FINALLY , in the LAST(two) EPISODE(s), THE SHOW TALKS ABOUT INNER BEAUTY BEING OUTTER BEAUTY, AND HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO LOVE YOURSELF, And if all you have is outter beauty, it wont get you very far.. Being Beautiful on the outside is never enough.

I find it kind of sad how his family who he grew up with just ditch him. cuz they suck.

This Drama.. I Loved it. But thinking about it, there are so many holes, and unanswered questions, and moments of blurry faces if this were a painting. I Really loved the writing, but the story didnt seem quite as detailed as I would have liked.

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