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Birth of a Beauty Episode 6

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Tae Hee is confused by his new-found feelings for Keum Ran, while Keum Ran reconciles with her ex-husband and destroys his family.
  • Aired: November 16, 2014

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Nov 18, 2014

Called it!

After episode 5 I had this hunch that Sa Ra would capture the eye of Min Hyeok--you know Kang Joon's boss. Nailed it! The possibilities that branch off from that are . . . mind tingling. Maybe after Sa Ra lands Kang Joon in jail she'll help Tae Hee go after Min Hyeok? But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Tae Hee falling for Sa Ra is pretty darn cute. Especially since he's falling in love with her personality and caring qualities, even if he was kind of going into lust with her body before. (Also refered to the horned demon.) Emphasizing that while she looks pretty, Tae Hee sees and likes the Sa Ra beneath the skin. Which for a drama that is really caught up in how important beauty is, is big.

Still love the comedic humor throughout all the revenging. It's great to be throwing my hands in the air at Sa Ra and Tae Hee's latest victory while laughing my butt off. Well done.

The corporate plot, and Tae Hee's grandma's, are coming a long nicely and soon it will be time for them to be the main focus. But for now I'm enjoying Sa Ra's revenge. The plot twists here are endless. It's nice to have a drama where I'm guessing and guessing where it's going to go. Because this mash of genres has been one of the most exciting dramas I've tried in a while. The fact that it is a mash up and can't be categorized into one basic type is the very reason it's so good.

Again with the amazing ending! Love and revenge blooming side by side to create yet another top notch cliffhanger for this series. It may be totally crazy and over the top. But I'm loving it.

(Oh, and who doesn't just love Jung Shik? AKA the Hulk? At least someone in that family cares!)

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