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Birth of a Beauty Episode 7

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Keum Ran destroys her ex-husband's family home. Videos of her eating go viral on the internet.
  • Aired: November 22, 2014

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Nov 25, 2014

Not slowing down!

Wow, for a bit there I thought this was a slightly slower episode with not as much punch as the previous ones. It didn't transition well at the beginning from that amazing ending. However, I shouldn't have doubted. At this point Birth of a Beauty is probably one of the most shocking dramas I've started up at random. Because it's totally blowing my mind!

Sure this episode does a lot of building up, but it still packs some punches. Chae Yeon's true colors are revealed and while I found some of the scenes with her a bit slow it also helps to show how spoiled and . . . childish she is for all her elegance.

Again this episode ends on a dramatic note, but a much funnier one. Revealing something that isn't normaly revealed until much later in most dramas. (Really I am praying that BoaB does not run out of steam later on down the line.)

Sa Ra / Sa Geum Ran's character felt a little strange this episode. Probably becasue some more shocking truths are messing with her. Sa Ra realize's she needs to become harsher to deal with such evil people. The scene where she "poisons" her family shows how Sa Ra is walking the edge and could plumet to her own moral distruction. But, with the magic of BoaB writing, it soon turns into some good laughs. Also, playing up later how caring Sa Ra is and what she's willing to protect Tae Hee from. It's a great touch as now Sa Ra's own revenge could now transform her into a a bad guy.

There are many plots coming to a head here. Tae Hee's grandmother is now being caught up in the take over for WInner. Min Hyeok is putting his takeover plans into action, and is slowly tracking down Sa Ra. Tae Hee is in emotional turmoil and is dealing with some hard truths. Chae Yeon's darker side is showing. Best part is the mental torment of Kang Joon is just starting up, and the consequences for him and what he'll do are just barely revving up.

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