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  • Drama: We Broke Up
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 10
  • Aired On: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Network: Naver TV Cast
  • Duration: 15 min.
  • Rating: Not Yet Rated


  • Score: 7.5 (scored by 1,993 users)
  • Ranked: #1550
  • Popularity: #550
  • Members: 4,211

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Your Rating: 0/10
Ratings: 7.5/10 from 1,993 users
# of Members: 4,211
Reviews: 4 users
Ranked #1550
Popularity #550
Members 1,993

Ji Won Yeong is an aspiring musician and the lead singer of a band while No Woo Ri works at a fashion company. The two met at one of Won Yeong's gigs and their relationship blossomed. Soon, they agreed to live together. Things got complicated when they both decided to break up.
Due to complications with the security deposit and the loan on the apartment, the two have no choice but tokeep living together as roommates until the contract is up and when they're financially able to leave..."

  • Country: South Korea
  • Type: Drama
  • Episodes: 10
  • Aired: Jun 29, 2015 - Jul 17, 2015
  • Aired On: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Network: Naver TV Cast
  • Duration: 15 min.
  • Score: 7.5 (scored by 1,993 users)
  • Ranked: #1550
  • Popularity: #550
  • Rating: Not Yet Rated

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Aug 20, 2015
Overall 8.5
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 9.5
Rewatch Value 8.0
"As it always has been and always will be, lovers will repeat the same mistakes by fighting, breaking up, hating, and missing each other. Its always spring as long as we are together"

A very strong and meaningful message given.

Although the web-drama was short and note that I haven't read the web-toon, the development of the characters & plot was amazing. It shows how two people loved each other purely and after their break up even though they're both trying to move on in different ways there's still a sparkle that keeps them looking back and that's cause they're still in love, no matter how many times they're trying to deny it not just to others but themselves as well.

The flashbacks were so touching and sweet & with the combination of comedy during the whole web-drama Istg it was so refreshing and amusing to watch.

`Acting / Casting`
Not going to hide that I am a BJ & IC so of course I adore both Sandara Park & Kang Seung Yoon, but their acting was still surprising and in a good way of course. They're both amazing at acting and even though it might have been weird for them to act as a couple considering the age gap as well, it's amazing how they managed to make us viewers put that aside and get into their characters so intensively. Some of the other actors & actresses were models and I am so amazed at the outcome of their acting skills, I'd trully consider watching more of them each.

Not going to mention how much I loved the music. Other than Wild & Young which is a fantastic song, I fell in love with the duets. Acoustic versions suit Dara's voice best & with Seung Yoon's soulful voice it didn't last much before I got them chills.

`Rewatch Value`
I loved this web-drama and I can't wait to see more of both Kang Seung Yoon & Sandara Park as well as the other actors & actresses. I'd def rewatch it not just for the plot but also for the puns made, for example the come back home scene or . . 'glad i wasn't an idol - especially not at yg' :' )

If you want to watch this, I recommend it at all cost!!

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Laura Ferguson
3 people found this review helpful
Oct 10, 2015
Overall 6.5
Story 5.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 6.0
This was a cute, fun web drama. I liked the characters and the acting was good I thought. There were moments of subtlety throughout the series that I appreciated. Looking at it realistically, though, I wish the story had gone a different direction.

While I liked most of this drama, it doesn't really emotionally grab you and most of the time when I watch a web drama I can't wait for the next installment, but with this one, I found I would wait a few days or so before going to the next episode.

The use of music in the show is nicely done and there was an episode that made me laugh out loud for the meta humour used.

The ending, I suppose is a foregone conclusion, and while I really liked the last sentiment sad by the characters, I think an alternative would have been better:

(SPOILER-Y! I will write it backwards so that there is less chance of being soiled, even though, come on? you didn't see it coming?)

Read this from the last word to the first for less spoiler-ness.

.annoying just it's ,together back getting and up breaking keep to romantic isn't it Because ".from apart be to supposed not you're one the find you until" ,of lines the along something adds but ,statement ending the as used is dialogue same The .camarederie their from out panning drama the leave we and them welcome to nod-head onstage subtle and smile a gives Wooyoung .them to talk to goes and smiles Na Ni and together in come Woo Hyun and Woori .along him cheering there is Na Ni and onstage singing is Wooyoung ,instead ending this Imagine .inenvitable break-up another making recurring keep will problems the so and issues their address not did They .on moved having while friends good become them have to preferred have would I .end the at together back get ,supposedly ,couple The

I did like it, just not as much as others. I would like to see Dara and Kang Seung Yoon in more projects though.

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