Twenty Again Episode 12

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Oct 4, 2015


Although I'm still going to lose my mind because I can't bear No Ra and Woo Chul STILL being married (she deserves so much better and I'm just so disgusted by him), I'm absolutely loving everything else and am so happy about the way this drama is currently going. I loved that No Ra and Yi Jin talked to each other and cleared the misunderstandings while exposing Woo Chul's lies. And I can see that Yi Jin is losing the interest and the faith in Woo Chul and I think he now really wants to stay married to No Ra (what a pity for us, especially since he's doing it for the completely wrong reasons) because he now has this other college in mind and therefore he doesn't need to marry the Woocheon chairman's daughter.
Another thing that I also love is that Hyun Suk admitted that he was quite the douchebag most of the time (even though I liked him, I just hated that his character and his actions weren't consistent)) and that he's confessing to her in this way.

There are still 4 more episodes to go and I can't wait to see what other amazing things are going to happen.

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