Twenty Again



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Mothers studying at the same school/college as their childrens...
Recommended by yumizi
Both drama show the lead are giving second chance to go back to university time and do things they wish they have done at college. Eventhough the plot of the story not the same but the vibe they give about rediscovery own self during youth time is the same.
Recommended by annienas
The grown up now and the younder adolescent, the friendships, the love, the fun...
Recommended by Patricia
The guy's character frequently offers his help and care for the girl. Both drama was so heartwarming. The guy feels sad for the girl for her misfortune, and tries to make her days better. Both possesses slice of life kind of drama which are relatable.

The romance and comedy is just fantastic.

I would rewatch these two!
Recommended by Nutchalovesmiley
There's no time travel here,but the heroine attends college again and also meets the hero again. The male lead's first love is heroine. The heroine is initially married and divorced by the second male lead.
Recommended by Vaanathi
It's not because of the stories but impressions that give you these dramas are very much alike. Just normal, simple stories. No melodrama, no ridiculously vicious characters, no disasters that come to main character one after another. Watching these dramas will make you smile and laugh a little, sometimes little sad. Light and bright plots about real life problems.
Recommended by NotYourOppa
Both dramas deal with the female lead growing into herself/finding herself. Also, in both, the female leads have to deal with a hostile working/school atmosphere, are faced with being older than everyone else and have family that doesn't support her dream.
The male leads in both are sweet and funny, not like the usual jerk leads. Finally, both dramas are light and funny, with a lot of heartwarming moments.
Recommended by Hanah
Both shows are extremely similar.
-Both have our female lead getting back on her life after losing their status and value.

-Both Female lead divorces their husbands in the course of the show.

-Both Female lead fall in love again with a different man
QOR (2nd lead chaebol PSH, who becomes the main lead after a few episodes in the beginning) and in

20 again (her childhood friend whose first love is the main female lead, he is the main lead from the beginning).

-Both shows have great romances and comedy.

-Both main lead(PSH & LSY) are so much in love with the female lead and have great character development.

-Both husbands are very much not likable.
Husbands from 20 again is a bigger jerk.
Recommended by iwatchgooddrama
In both shows...

1) Female lead missed out on her youth (though for very different reasons).
2) Female lead tries to figure out her place in the world and, as such, go through an identity crisis.
3) A situation forced the female lead to give up on her dream. For Twenty Again it was dancing, for Thirty but Seventeen it's playing the violin.
4) Female lead still have a "high schooler" personality, though it's more natural in Thirty But Seventeen than in Twenty again.
5) Female lead met the Male lead when they were young (highschool).
6) Female lead was Male lead's first love.
7) Male leads are both emotionally stunted.
8) Both series are lighthearted but so far Thirty but Seventeen's story is superior.
Recommended by 3GGG
Both are about housewives who realise after years that they can actually chase their dreams before it's too late. Second Time Twenty is a little more serious then Niriko I think, but they are both very sweet.
Recommended by tattylovestofly
Both begin with a shy and seemingly weak female heroine who, thanks to a health scare, really come into their own throughout the series. Scent of a Woman is a more serious tearjerker throughout and the health problem is real, but the journey both women go through makes them more confident, outspoken and more attractive to the male leads. You can't go wrong with either one. And its especially satisfying and hilarious to see the female leads get out of their own way to take control of their lives and silence their critics. Fighting!!
Recommended by Annalisse
Both are about correcting mistakes of the past, they show how life choices can change your life but it's not too late for a second chance.
Recommended by tattylovestofly
- 1st lead is given a second chance in life and will live it fully
- FL is discreet and lacks confidence at the beginning
- University life
- ML and FL have known each other from previous schools
- ML encourages the FL in her growth ...
- ... and fall in love with her in the process
- Both shows are about self-acceptance and prejudices
Recommended by Sudosaure
Both about 'ajumma's who had mistake marriages because they got pregnant and decide to take their lives back. Both also have shallow cheating husbands.
Recommended by tattylovestofly