Main Role

Support Role

Guest Role

  • Totsugi Shigeyuki
    Nick Hallelujah [Artist] (Ep. 1)
    Guest Role
  • Otoo Takuma
    Yoshinaga [Nick's manager] (Ep. 1)
    Guest Role
  • Iriyama Noriko
    Owada Yukie [Freelance writer] (Ep. 1)
    Guest Role
  • Takasugi Mahiro
    Owada Eiji [Yukie's brother] (Ep. 1)
    Guest Role
  • Matsuo Satoru
    Sada [Director of game software production company "Simbalinx"] (Ep. 1)
    Guest Role
  • Tachibana Mio
    Mano Saori [Arisu's Neighbor] (Ep. 1, 4, 9)
    Guest Role
  • Shinohara Mai
    Komuro Hiromi [Yukie's friend] (Ep. 1)
    Guest Role
  • Matsuo Kaoru
    Mizuo Chisa [Victim] (Ep. 1)
    Guest Role
  • Tomeoku Maiko
    Kaneko Julia [Nick's assistant] (Ep. 1)
    Guest Role
  • Nishino Daisaku
    [Crime scene reporter] (Ep. 8)
    Guest Role
  • Shirasu Keiko
    [Crime Scene Reporter] (Ep. 1)
    Guest Role
  • Kanematsu Wakato
    [Shangri-La Crusade member] (Ep. 1)
    Guest Role
  • Yoshizawa Ryo
    Hata Eisuke [College student] (Ep. 2)
    Guest Role
  • Sano Gaku
    Aiba Noriaki [College student] (Ep. 2)
    Guest Role
  • Okochi Hiroshi
    Koreeda [Cosmetic surgeon] (Ep. 2)
    Guest Role
  • Nishina Ai
    Tanoue Eri [Shangri-La Crusade member] (Ep. 2)
    Guest Role
  • Judai Satoshi
    Kure Yotaro [Eri's ex-boyfriend] (Ep. 2)
    Guest Role
  • Okuda Wareta
    Yoshii [Waitress at the hot spring inn "Nakanoya"] (Ep. 2)
    Guest Role
  • Kudo Tokiko
    Hoshina ["Nakanoya" manager] (Ep. 2)
    Guest Role
  • Omoto Takashi
    Goto ["Nakanoya" security guard] (Ep. 2)
    Guest Role
  • Iida Kisuke
    Shima Yukio [Actor] (Ep. 3)
    Guest Role
  • Nishida Naomi
    Shima Erika [Yukio's wife] (Ep. 3)
    Guest Role
  • Kojima Kazuya
    Kido Takashi [Yukio's manager] (Ep. 3)
    Guest Role
  • Nekoze Tsubaki
    Udagawa Atsuko [Erika's boss] (Ep. 3)
    Guest Role
  • Iwaki Koichi
    Dojo Shuichi [President of Dojo Jewelry] (Ep. 4)
    Guest Role
  • Uchida Rio
    Sagio Yuko [Shuichi's secretary] (Ep. 4)
    Guest Role
  • Oshinari Shugo
    Nagaike Shinsuke [Jewelry designer] (Ep. 4)
    Guest Role
  • Shibuya Kento
    Yoshizumi Norio [Promotion manager] (Ep. 4)
    Guest Role
  • Goda Masashi
    Dojo Shiji [Vice president] (Ep. 4)
    Guest Role
  • Okamoto Natsumi
    [Arisu's first love] (Ep. 4)
    Guest Role
  • Yamazaki Nina
    Kato Tamaki [Shangri-La Crusade victim] (Ep. 4)
    Guest Role
  • Yoshii Rei
    [Nurse] (Ep. 4)
    Guest Role
  • Kojima Koichi
    [Surgeon] (Ep. 4)
    Guest Role
  • Takuma Shin
    Yukari Masahiko [Yugari Office president] (Ep. 5)
    Guest Role
  • Kojima Riria
    Yura [Masahiko's girlfriend] (Ep. 5)
    Guest Role
  • Uchida Shige
    Sakai [Yugari Office employee] (Ep. 5)
    Guest Role
  • Suzunosuke
    Munakata Masaaki [Akemi's cousin] (Ep. 6-7)
    Guest Role
  • Ohtaka Hiroo
    Yamauchi Yohei [Akemi's uncle] (Ep. 6-7)
    Guest Role
  • Yamamoto Yusuke
    Mutobe Shiro [Masaaki's junior] (Ep .6-7)
    Guest Role
  • Takahashi Hitomi
    Munakata Machi [Masaaki's mother] (Ep. 6-7)
    Guest Role
  • Taguchi Kazumasa
    Munakata Shotaro [Masaaki's father] (Ep. 6-7)
    Guest Role
  • Ueno Natsuhi
    Ono Yuko [Piano teacher] (Ep. 6-7)
    Guest Role
  • Anan Kenji
    Ogata Masayuki [Inspector] (Ep. 6-7)
    Guest Role
  • Narimiya Hiroki
    Katsumura Hideo [Kaito Yamaneko cameo] (Ep. 6)
    Guest Role
  • Nanao
    Kirishima Sakura [Kaito Yamaneko cameo] (Ep. 6)
    Guest Role
  • Hiraizumi Sei
    Yoshimoto [Kyoto Prefectural Police officer] (Ep. 7)
    Guest Role
  • Takeuchi Ryoma
    Onizuka Ryuzou [Shangri-La Crusade member] (Ep. 7-10)
    Guest Role
  • Konno Hiroki
    Jo Terufumi [Shangri-La Crusade member] (Ep. 7-9)
    Guest Role
  • Nimura Sawa
    Oishi Anna [Shangri-La Crusade member] (Ep. 7-9)
    Guest Role
  • Watanabe Kohei
    Ide Mamoru [Police officer] (Ep. 7-10)
    Guest Role
  • Izumiya Shigeru
    Moriyuki Anno [Convenience store owner] (Ep. 8)
    Guest Role
  • Sakuma Yu
    Zama kensuke [Shimodo High School student] (Ep. 8)
    Guest Role
  • Kaneko Daichi
    [University student] (Ep. 8)
    Guest Role
  • Nomaguchi Toru
    Saga Nobuhito [Shangri-La Crusade member] (Ep. 9)
    Guest Role
  • Agata Morio
    [Old couple hiking] (Ep. 10)
    Guest Role
  • Nishimura Gouki
    [Paramedic] (Ep. 10)
    Guest Role
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