both main leads curious about murders and both investigate the murder by imagining themselves on the murderer's shoes
Recommended by Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
The main leads are both eccentric fellows that make use of their exceptional skills of deduction.
For Galileo, his profession is a physics professor and so answers cases with scientific reasoning while for
Himura Hideo, his profession is a criminologist professor and so answers cases with psychological reasoning associated with criminology.
Episodic cases in each dramas are interesting and mind-blogging, some may be predictable but nevertheless enjoyable.
Recommended by Sayu
Both are same..criminologist partner with mystery novel writer..but the difference is in Tantei Yuri Rintaro, being an assistant to learn about murder case in perspective of criminologist.. ??
Recommended by MikanMira
Both series are detective stories with a Sherlock Holmes twist, and both have a very quirky, dark sense of humor.
Recommended by SakuraPrincess
Both are similar in that there are two male leads who have known each other since they were young and now work together in solving crimes through detective work. Both shows have a heavy bromance.

Both shows delve into human psychology and have a main character that is teetering between good and evil while the other main character is determined to keep them in the light,

S.C.I has a higher production value and is more action-oriented while RHGHHnS is more akin to Sherlock and solving mysteries. Both are excellent!
Recommended by Grand Inquisitor
Both are Japanese detective mysteries where there is an insanely smart and quirky main character who, along with their charming partner, solve crimes and mysteries.

If you like Sherlock Holmes, mysteries and bromance, then you will like both of these shows.
Recommended by Grand Inquisitor
Modern day spins on Sherlock &Watson, with similar styles of investigation. By studying & dissenting the crime scene, and the tale of two friends who understand each other deeper than friendship, and rely on each other wholly.
Miss Sherlock is female version which I think is a very interesting concept.
Recommended by LilacsInTheWind
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