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Both female lead got injured seriously went back in time in someone else's body n found their true love.
Recommended by Mimi
Both are time travel and princess related only with the twist of sex change but it is a very funny and odd TDrama
Recommended by ClaudiaKdramaFan
One of the main leads in both dramas travel back in time by falling into water, but Go Princess Go puts an extra twist to the concept with it being a guy waking up in a girls body, which kinda adds another dimension to the ensuring love story. However, neither lead seems to be overly concerned to have traveled in time and neither tries to intentionally (yet) change any course of action in history (such as e.g. Faith) while being perceived as a bit weird/too freely spoken by the other characters. Moon Lovers is more visually stunning while Go Princess Go relies on some sassy comedy.

Both dramas incorporate modern elements, Moon Lovers seems to be big on modern themed music while Go Princess Go tries its hand on more visual and modernized outfits & settings.
Recommended by ayacherry
These 2 dramas are similar in that it features a modern person who time-travelled to the past. Both have the modern person acting as the wife of a prince and the princes only begin to look at their wives differently after the switch. Only difference is that Go Princess Go features a man in a woman's body and The Eternal Love has 2 souls residing in the female lead's body. Lots of modern references makes the story fun and does not take itself too seriously.

Both dramas feature an aloof prince whose heart is slowly softened by the female lead. Both Sheng Yi Lun (Go Princess Go) and Xing Zhao Lin (The Eternal Love) pull off their roles very well.
Recommended by JayyePeeen
There is just one similarity: Guy must to find himself in woman body.
Recommended by KrasnaBabinka
Both are Chinese Go Princess Go is a Drama, Yi Xu Yi Nuo is a Movie so it's much condensed. Very similar plot of time travel and body soul swap, but reversed. In Go Princess Go a man from present time travel back in time to end up in a woman body, a princess married with the crown prince…
In Yi Xu Yi Nuo a woman from ancient time (Tang dynasty) travel to our present time in a boy body… She met a man who look exactly like a prince she was in love…(there is some BL).
Both have some funny moment.
Both have quit a sad ending...
Recommended by Imoen
Crazy Queen looks like Go Princess Go but it is worse. The time-traveller in Crazy Queen is a lady of a male harem. But dialogues are not so amusing and the plot is more stupid and dragged.
Recommended by An S
Both dramas are directed by the same director, so the kind of comedy is similar.

The design of the costume is very similar too. Overall, Oh my General gives off the same vibe as Go Princess Go!
Recommended by lemonadeporkchop
Mengfei Comes Across and Go Princess Go are both rom-coms set in ancient times. These shows mix modern day issues with the classic tale of court intrigue at the palace. In both shows the heroines are getting along with the concubines, in stead of fighting them until death. On the contrary, they really dislike their husbands, using their wit to avoid them or undermine their actions, but later on love comes by.
Recommended by Apple Eye
This drama is similar because of the Time Travel, romance, comedy, and Historical time period. Both also involve politics.
Recommended by soysuva
They have the same comedic style, which is they don't themselves seriously. They are shows you can easily binge watch.
Recommended by Kumaxell
They have the same kind of feeling when you watch them. They both have this "princess" who just really isn't your typical princess. They both are funny and you just have to watch to understand.
Recommended by AbigaylePrice
From the same makers of "Oh My General" it also makes you question gender roles and gives you some food for thought. It's also a comedy and very entertaining.
Recommended by Jen
if you love Chinese quirky humour with outrageous themes and witty conversations, you'll love both of these dramas! Although set in different eras (obviously!), they belong in the same unique genre that features slapstick, at-your-face type acting. The females leads in both drama have similar characters - funny, cute, witty, jovial and a bit of a smarty-pants who can sometimes be on the point or sometimes so off the point, it's just plain funny! The male leads in both dramas have similar characters too - smart, cold, calculative and perhaps the only ones who tolerates the female leads' attics without cracking their perfect expressionless features. The men are the antithesis to the women - which worked well to the humour parts of both dramas. Despite the mostly light-hearted theme, there is a good story to be told in both dramas and both romances ended with an open ending (up to you to decide if it's happy or not). While Go Princess Go has three different endings, My Amazing Boyfriend announced a Season 2.
Recommended by Aryael
Honesty these dramas have not so much in common. Just the feeling when you watch them. Both take a place in some imaginary world, and the scheme is the same. In a nutshell, there is less episodes and there are shortes. Thanks to these fact dramas are very dynamic, ther is no time to bore. So If you have problem with too long ongoing Chinese dramas like me- these two will be perfect for you.
Recommended by KrasnaBabinka