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Oppa Gangster Style
Editorials - Nov 22 2017

The tropical and bold fashion of Drama Gangsters! Let’s take a look at this reoccurring theme!

Currently Watching: While You Were Sleeping
Drama Recaps - Nov 02 2017

Haven't started watching 'While You Were Sleeping' yet? You're missing out, and here's why. No Spoilers!

Turkish Remakes of Asian Dramas That Will Excite You
Editorials - Oct 13 2017

Never watched a Turkish drama? No worries, perhaps there is already a remake of your favorite drama. Check out these exciting Turkish remakes that might interest you in becoming a fan of Turkish TV shows!

Forbidden Love Stories in Dramas: School Edition
Editorials - Oct 08 2017

The first edition in the series of articles about unusual and taboo love stories in Asian dramas.

A Stalker's Guide to Lee Sang Yeob
Editorials - Oct 05 2017

An actor who excels at bringing the tears and is sure to move your heart. My mom and I fell for him the first time we saw him in a drama.

A Stalker's Guide to Nam Goong Min
Editorials - Aug 13 2017

An actor who has started to gain popularity later in his career. I'm sure you've come across him at least once!

Exploring Character Jobs and Workplace Positions in Dramas
Editorials - Aug 05 2017

While romance is not always the main occupational hazard at most jobs, conniving and plotting co-workers can be. Here are some interesting lines of work we see leading and supporting characters cast in.

Currently Watching: Lookout
Drama Recaps - Jun 14 2017

People lose loved ones in crimes and the criminals are not punished. The daily lives of these people are completely broken. They form a group to bring justice.

6 Outstanding K-Drama Ahjussis
Editorials - May 10 2017

Six outstanding K-Drama Ahjussis whose faces we've all seen before. But do you know their names?

Actor Spotlight: Lee Sung Kyung
Editorials - Mar 26 2017

Get to know your favorite Weightlifting fairy, Lee Sung Kyung!

10 Actresses Born In 1990 Who Are Taking The Kdrama World By Storm!
Editorials - Mar 17 2017

These 10 Korean actresses are turning 27 this year and seem to be only getting better every year!

Female Leads Who Defy Kdrama Stereotypes
Editorials - Mar 14 2017

A look at some female leads who defy typical Kdrama stereotypes and tropes.

Currently Watching: Voice
Drama Recaps - Mar 10 2017

Two detectives team up to catch a serial killer who murdered their loved ones...and the reasons why you should watch this amazing show.

Let's Talk About: Product Placement in K-Dramas
Editorials - Feb 15 2017

Have you ever had a craving for Subway or fried chicken after watching your favorite drama? Is that a Samsung I see in your hand? Maybe you can blame your drama addiction!

2016 K-Drama in Review according to the Big 3
Editorials - Jan 18 2017

See which dramas won big according to the big 3 Korean Broadcasters...

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