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Love in the Moonlight Episode 16

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  • Aired: October 11, 2016

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Love in the Moonlight Episode 16 Reviews

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Oct 11, 2016


[contains spoilers so read at your own risk]

damnnn, they did such a good job with this episode, i cant even... seriously those last few minutes of it especially, SO MUCH intensity. The acting was superb as always, but please, whatever it is writers DON'T KILL OFF Ra on's father, pretty please dont!

and that bromance scene at the end too, it broke my heart T.T you could feel both their pain so much, I mean as a whole, imagine how the crown prince would be feeling, first your father tries to kill your lovers fatehr, then your lover gets captured, then he gets threatened to kill his own lover, and then your best friend turns on you, all this in like the space of 5 minutes.. wuuutttt.

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