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Love in the Moonlight



  • Score: 8.4 (scored by 8,820 users)
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in both dramas, the main girl-lead passes the test to work in the palace. The male-leads both hate the girl-leads but fall in love with them slowly.
both have really good stories and lovely music.^^
Recommended by ReneeKaskelin
Similar eunuch idea, AND the end of "Love in the Moonlight" is actually a link to "Splash Splash Love" - and it's rly lovely drama special, made me wanna cry and laugh a lot (and I did ;) )
A must watch - enjoy! :)
Recommended by Izida
Same genre different pretense but same feel.I enjoyed both in different ways but both love saheuks.
Recommended by Queen_Makjang
Both female leads cross dress as a man in order to survive, pretty much focuses on their feelings for each other.
Recommended by CrystalGirl55
Because both series have similars storyline, the confusion between a woman wear as man, a very good man trying to be king and fix the world. The difference is basic about the second characters, which are more kind and nice in Love in the moonlight than in Shine or Go Crazy.
Recommended by MeuDrama
8.0 Hwarang (2016)
Both dramas are historical, filled with comedy, romance and royal family matters. The female leads in both of these series are very similar in my view, also caught up in a love triangle with two men + the hidden king motif.
Recommended by hardpliers
Coffee Prince is the untouchable gender bender kdrama classic of them all---if not the best for most of kfans. This is set on the modern times, but the feels are the same, and both are executed very well. Love in the Moonlight has other plot points though like political intrigue, while in Coffee Prince the main plot is the gender bender.
Recommended by cassey
both set in an older era. good-looking male leads, love for a woman, a betrayal.
Recommended by Sylvia
Both female lead roles disguises herself as a man in a historical period.
Recommended by Narene
It is also a rom-com historical drama, but contains more actions. The main girl here also surrounds a birth secret that she does not know of until the romances between the three main characters develop (the other one is a second male lead played by Jang Geun Suk). In LITM, it is Byung Yeon who finds out Ra On's true identity, but in HGD, it is Lee Chang Hwi (played by Jang Geun Suk) who finds the true identity of the main girl. Hong Gil Dong may not be a crown prince, but he is a illegitimate son of a high rank minister. Also, the main girl played by Sung Yu Ri knows martial arts and can beat most of the men she fights. She is a cute strong-willed girl who is free-hearted to all the people she meets.
Recommended by sweetdream
Gender bender Historical Romance, both have amazing scenery and romance between a cross dresser and the male lead.
Recommended by Johnson-Shampoo
Both have woman disguising themselves as men and both grew up like that. Empress Ki is also a bit more entertaining depending on what you want to look at.
Recommended by Cyres
The plot is quite similar. It is about a girl who was a princess, but her family was betrayed and defamed. She acquires the identity of someone else and makes her way into the palace to try and clear the name of her people. She meets the crown prince and falls in love with him. They go through many trials to be together. While there is no cross dressing it might be a drama many who like Love in the Moonlight would enjoy.
Recommended by insoles
it also has an interesting plot! The main leads are daebak and they are like the young historical version of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo . Park Bo Gum is playful and smart like Song Joong Ki and Kim Yoo Jung is intelligent and loves to help people like Song Hye Kyo in DOTS. LOVE IN THE MOONLIGHT is HIGHLY recommended! You will regret nothing after watching this drama :)
Recommended by Yamness
8.1 Bromance (2015)
Gender Bending because her missing mother insisted that the female lead had to be a boy. Female lead is confident strong, witty and smart but she really wanted to be herself rather than 'himself'.

Historical setting.
Recommended by Art T