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Love in the Moonlight Episode 7

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  • Aired: September 12, 2016

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Oct 20, 2016

Love in the Moonlight Episode 7 Reviews

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Oct 21, 2016

It's all about the KISS....

Okay, cute way to officially jump start their romance. He's friends with her first. Likes her for her brains and spunk. That moves on to officially deciding he doesn't care anything about her background, including her gender in order to pursue a love with her. Thus, the have solidified a true and pure love... heck he's even mad at her for going to gisaeng house made him mad and he just spends his time alone in the flower garden reading. ;)

...and about that kiss... Yes... I'm gonna say it. It looked a bit awkward. It looked the way you'd expect it to look if an older cousin kissed his younger cousin out of curiosity. There was determination, and that moment you "brace yourself" because you know it's incoming... but once you get a feel for it, you kind of settle down. I suspect they had to do it more than once for the angles... and it was apparent... Some angles looked more, shall I say, "relaxed" than others.... So this gets me interested how it came to the censors being upset that they were being "indecent". It couldn't possibly be just merely her age being 17 and the age difference, which is 6 years since he's 23, I think. That would just be awkward. You'd know not to watch any love story dramas with girls in it younger than 18 if you like your couples to at least kiss at some point in the drama. ...but I digress... because, in the end, I'm thinking of Bo Gum's interview where he says they were timid with each other in the beginning, because even though there's an age gap and he's older, she's actually his Sunbae and he had to differ to that seniority she has, and rightly so, she deserves that kind of respect. I found it amazing that she took the initiative, because of his shyness with her, to approach him and script read with him and eat her meals with him in order to develop a closer bond. Kudos to her to know how to get to the heart of the matter. But, in the end, they both said it brought them closer together but in a sort of brotherly/sisterly kind of vibe. It can't be comfortable to KISS your "brother", even though it's acting, like that for the first time. So, yeah, it kind of shows that they slowly warmed up to each other.... which is absolutely brilliant on Yoo Jung's part, because it makes the progression of their relationship just feel so plausible and real. Good job guys on your acting. Yoo Jung is just an all out pro. I have so much respect for her!

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Sep 15, 2016

Five Stars

Yeahhhhh he confessed <3
His expressions are so cute.
I like it that he doesn't care what her sex is
and don't want anyone to touch her :D a possesive man <3
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