One Smile is Very Alluring



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They both are based on the same story, Love O2O is the drama version and One Smile is Very Alluring is the movie version. Honestly the movie version went by to fast, and it didn't live up to the drama version.
Recommended by icy656602
Both take place in universities, both have gaming elements that brings male and female leads together.

Difference is that one is OSIVA is a movie and BYL is a drama.
Recommended by weibae
The movie version of Love O2O.
Its based on the novel "One smile is very alluring. It has manga adaptation and drama adaptation, but this movie adaptation was done better. THE ACTRESS is FREE and shes NOT stiff with the kissing scenes. Love how the connection between the"main male lead" and "main female lead"

I've watched this actress's drama "General and I", and I love her. She's such a talent. I think that there is no emotion that she couldn't express, nor character that she couldn't act.
I'm not exaggerating ... cuz u need to watch to make your own conclusion.
Recommended by DraganaJovanovic
Both of the female leads are known as wei wei. The drama/movie have the same feel. except that one smile is very alluring is a little more light hearted.
Recommended by AbigaylePrice
Both the movies have good chemistry between the characters. Simple love stories with not lot of complicated characters.
Both movies have a drama version.
Both the dramas are better than the movies, as you can see the growth in the characters. Would recommend watching the dramas related to these movies as well.
Recommended by Pras