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Snow country


Snow country


♡ history

♡ languages

♡ coffee and tea

♡ traveling

♡ poetry

♡ cats

♡ foxes

♡ gaming

How I rate things (I have made this chart for films on Letterboxd, but I use it for series as well):

★★★★★ Masterpiece. It made me cry or I had a lot of fun watching it.

★★★★½ Amazing, but left me feeling that something is missing.

★★★★ Great. Would recommend it to others.

★★★½ Good. No regretting buying the cinema tickets or paying the rental fee.

★★★ Good, but I kind of wish I got the cinema tickets as a gift or that it was a movie I got for Christmas.

★★½ Average. Might knit while watching to keep me more entertained.

★★ A little less than average. It makes it a bit hard to focus on the movie instead of e.g. painting my nails or playing with my cats. A movie I can't really form a proper opinion of.

★½ Bad, but giving it just one star would make me feel too cruel.

★ Bad. Why did I even watch it?

½ I want to cry and not because it was so good, but because I wasted one to three hours of my life.

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