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Shopping King Louie Episode 16

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  • Aired: November 10, 2016

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Apr 20, 2017

Wish Upon A Star

"Being yourself is a powerful thing."

Being true to yourself.

"Of course what is more important than presents is the earnest heart one can give to the other."
I thought we will see bok shil - louis' wedding first....LOL <3<3
I like the resolution between cha and bok shil.It wasn't really serious all along, still, one can't deny that mr cha had his feelings too.I liked that they kept it that way.

It might seem cheesy to some, but I'm glad that they found a replica of bok shil for mr cha.This is a light-hearted, super cute drama after all.

The guy who can't afford a cinema ticket rented the whole cinema to watch a movie with his girl.
My man.. B:

This was the best feel-good drama I watched so, as expected, finale put a smile on my face,too. ^^
The most meaningful marriage proposal ever;
Trust me...for the rest of our lives.^^

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