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Shopping King Louie



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These two dramas are slightly reminiscent of one another simply because of the happy theme and the sweet, light-hearted romance. Their storylines differ greatly, however the main characters I felt were a little similar. The male leads are both super romantics and as Louie would say, "perfect", boyfriend material. As for the leading ladies they're both characters i would strive to be more like--warm-hearted, caring and innocent.
Recommended by MariKim
These dramas resemble one another because they have the same feel. It is a rom-com with some melodrama elements, but it has a lot of humor. The leads are also both very naive; we also have big company background and family problems.
Recommended by userbmc
Both are about office life. There is no one-note villain who does all the bad things; instead both shows are filled with characters who are inherently good that somehow wind up in bad situations and try to make the best of it.
Recommended by Charlotte
They both feature a male lead who loses his memory and ends up living with the female lead.
Recommended by Haley
These dramas are both innocent cohabitation stories, and it's very focused on the main characters and their feelings, which was the best part in my opinion. I often dislike it when dramas try to cram so much into the story that they neglect to develop the main story, the reason why people watch in the first place. There's lots of cute moments in both stories, but they're realistic and not diabetes inducing or forced. I highly recommend them both, and if you liked one, I'm sure you'll like the other! :))
Recommended by sai-fy
While the storylines are very different, I felt that the two male leads (Seo In Guk, in Shopping King Louis, and Choi Woo Shik, in Ho Goo's Love) were both innocent and lovable in their own ways.
Recommended by MariKim
Different country but the storyline is actually quite similar! Both leads are rich (hot) heirs but have 'something' that happen to them and their families try to search for them. Both dramas have an ajusshi who wants to prevent the leads from meeting their families. Both dramas have the lead guy fall in love with a country-side girl early in the series. Both series have the leading girl help the lead guy adjust to the new environments. Both dramas have super cute romance/ comedy scenes.
Recommended by dedaisies
Both are about a poor country girl who lives alone with her grandmother. She decides later to move into the city.
Recommended by B85
These two dramas have a similar feel. Both main characters start to live independently and need to financially support someone completely oblivious to the rules of the world. Both dramas also emit a feeling of a loyal dog and its owner.
Recommended by Mae
In both dramas:
-The male lead has lost memory and is taken care of by a girl, their family think they are dead.
- Both male leads are kind and cute.
- Good chemestry for the main couple.
- The male leads are from rich families.
-The female lead loses someone of her family she loves at the beginning.
-The female lead is much stronger than she seems at first sight.
-There is someone who wants the male lead to disappear because he wants to take his position in the company.
-The supporting characters are interesting and appealing.
-The female lead ends up working at the male lead's firm.

Points of divergence:
- In SKL, the guy loses the memory once whereas in STLDFM, the guy loses his memory twice, and falls for the female lead once again.
-In STLDFM, the second male lead falls hard for the female lead, whereas in SKL, the love triangle is less highlighted.
-In SKL, the couple is more childish and it is a comedy with a light storyline.
-In STLDFM, the story is more tragic, the storyline is heavier than in SKL but there are still some comedy elements.

I loved STLDFM better because of the casting (Eugene and Ji Sung fan) and the storyline. We really felt the love all along this drama. (I am a bit sad to know that later on he married the girl playing the female rival of Eugene, and not Eugen herself????) Both dramas are good even though STLDFM is older, but in my opinion old dramas are the best because modern dramas lack something older dramas had. If you want a light drama, watch SKL, if you want to witness the birth of a "once in a lifetime and strong love" conquering all, watch STLDFM.
Recommended by Azalae
In both drama the main leads who are very rich lost their memories and meet a poor person by chance
Recommended by Andro
The male leads are both very soft-hearted.

The female leads are both very hard working.

The plot might not be very similar but at some points it has the same vibes
Recommended by michelle
Both have a cute and innocent male lead and good comedy. The story lines are different though. I liked SKL better but both worth to be watched and are good dramas.
Recommended by Lucy
The setting is the same. Both dramas have the same feels, since in both dramas a rich guy (in rooftop prince the guy is a prince from the Joseon era who ends up in modern-day Seoul and in Shopping King Louis the guy is the heir of a conglomerate) becomes poor and has to learn how to live a normal life with a poor woman who takes care of him.
Recommended by Kairi
They have the same kind of fluffy feeling in the beginnings and the way Joon Jae has to teach nearly everything about the world to Sim Chim Chung is similar as Louis hardships to get know the world. So in SKL the girl teaches the boy about how to live a normal life and in LOTBS the boy teaches the girl.
One more thing: in Legend of The Blue Sea Joon Jae forgat Shim Chung because she erased his memories. On Shopping King Louis he also forgat everything because he had amnesia.
Recommended by Nagy Hanna