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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016)

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Episode 2

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  • Aired: November 17, 2016

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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Episode 2 Reviews

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Nov 19, 2016

Cute, light and fluffy!

The episode is made up of 50% cute teasing that reminiscent of little boys who teased girls whom they liked just to see their reaction, 30% dynamics in the weightlifting team, 10% of exploring into the boy's 'dark' past and 10% how a crush is formed, for the first time.

The episode starts of by how Joon Hyung and Bok Joo recognised each other as the chubby girl who saved his life/the skinny boy who fell into her arms when they were in elementary school while their eyes met when Joon Hyung was saving Bok Joo from drowning in the pool. Joon Hyung immediately called out her name after dragging her out of water (by putting her legs on the legs instead of the romantic way with lots of skinship). He then called her her nickname in elementary school 'Chubs'. From then on, wherever he met her, he would call her 'Chubs' which led to Bok Joo's embarrassment.

In this episode, we also found out that the weightlifting team has a 30% cut in its operating costs, which the professor and the coach decided to have a cut in their meal expenses. Although they tried to reduce the meal expenses, they found themselves unable to do so because their students needed more food and they knew it. Therefore, professor used his own money (while struggling financially himself) to treat the students to a barbeque. Coach then tried to make kimbap as snacks for the students (because snacks are a part of their daily training). It then caused the students to have a stomachache which made Coach guilty for buying clearance items to make the snacks. Luckily, the students were understanding and came up with a plan to reduce the meal expenses themselves (when the professor and coach did not let them know about the reduction in operating costs, the students found out themselves).

We also saw how Bok Joo developed a crush for the first time when Jae Yi (Joon Hyung's cousin) sheltered her from the rain while waiting for the traffic light to turn green. He called her 'lady' which no one had ever recognised her as before. She realised that her heart was beating so fast that she was worried that he would hear her heartbeat. He then proceeded to shelter her to her destination and ended off by giving her his umbrella while running off in the rain. Bok Joo saw him again while crossing the same road. She followed him and she found out that he was a doctor with his own clinic. She thought that he was 'unattainable' but she did not seem to give up on her crush because she booked a consultation in his clinic.

Joon Hyung met Shi Ho for the first time after their break up. Joon Hyung looked awkward and melancholic (unlike the teasing self he was to Bok Joo) while Shi Ho tried to be friendly. It seemed like they did have a passionate love in the past but they parted ways with unresolved problems that continued to haunt them till now.

Jae Yi introduced Joon Hyung to psychotherapy (which Jae Yi knew about Joon Hyung's seemingly traumatic past). It seemed that Joon Hyung had a reaction to the word 'travelling' and it was linked to his birth mother (who seemed to be living overseas). His psychological condition was also the reason for all his false starts which led him to be disqualified from his competitions despite coming as first in the preliminary rounds.

I like how the drama is filmed in such light-hearted manner which is how a coming-of-age drama should look like It is funny and easily digestible! However, Joon Hyung's personality is not consistent. He is so boyish and 'immature' when he is teasing Bok Joo while he is being 'mature' while facing his ex-girlfriend. I am expecting him to try to be cheerful and happy when he met his ex-girlfriend again by forcing a smile or an overenthusiastic wave because that is the personality he portrays when he faces Bok Joo - hiding his scars under his smiles. However, he was being down and awkward while talking to his ex-girlfriend (like a mature male lead). It just doesn't match. This drama will be perfect if such inconsistency is explained or addressed in the future episodes.

The preview looks promising with Joon Hyung saving Bok Joo. I want to see both of them falling in love because it will be so cute and I know it will be cute!

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