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Drama addict.

Types of dramas that I love:

- contract marriages (I just like the concept of two strangers being forced to accommodate each other and ended up loving each other, especially when they weren't so sure about their feelings for each other yet but felt jealous when one saw someone else was with his/her spouse).

- best friends turned lovers (don't you find it romantic when you are together with someone who knows you the best? And the dilemma between becoming lovers but might break up and preserving their friendship because friendship will last forever is just so intriguing).

- Crime/Medical Procedural type of dramas (have been watching such dramas since young so it's always in me to follow such dramas)

- dramas that will make you think (gaining something out from a drama will make the drama experience worth it).

Types of dramas that I hate:

- time travelling (plots are similar as the issue of one must return to the original world will always pop up and I find that too predictable and hard to relate).

- AMNESIA (it's a plot filler. when the scriptwriter ran out of ideas but there were still episodes to fill in, insert amnesia, and the scriptwriter would automatically have 3 more episodes of "I don't know you, I'm now attracted to someone else." "It's okay if you don't know me, I just want you to be well, but it pained me to see you looking at me with those distant looks.")

- Body Swapping/Sudden personality change due to possessed by spirits/heart transplant/Replacing someone who they look alike and take on their lives (not that I hated it so much that I don't watch it, I just don't enjoy them that much... I like Secret Garden and Master's Sun though)

- Huge age gap couples (usually the chemistry isn't there and it's awkward)

- Noona-Dongsaeng Love (I like protective oppas then cute dongsaengs)

- Teacher-Student Love (cannot imagine falling in love with your teacher and your teacher falling back into love with you...)

- Ugly at first and then turn pretty then male lead falls in love (SUPERFICIAL MALE LEAD I'M SORRY but I do love the illegal immigrant couple in Modern Farmer)

I'm quite proud to say that I am the go-to person when my friends want a recommendation of Korean dramas!


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