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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo



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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016)

They both portray strong female leads (in both senses of the word)
Recommended by DurHanNi
These two dramas are slightly reminiscent of one another simply because of the happy theme and the sweet, light-hearted romance. Their storylines differ greatly, however the main characters I felt were a little similar. The male leads are both super romantics and as Louie would say, "perfect", boyfriend material. As for the leading ladies they're both characters i would strive to be more like--warm-hearted, caring and innocent.
Recommended by MariKim
two rival groups, lovable characters and school-centred slice of life!
Recommended by hosaki
They are both slice of life shows that deal with college life. Age of Youth deals more with making friends where Weightlifting Fairy leans more towards the romance side. Recommend watching both of them.
Recommended by SergeantFox
8.7 Love O2O (2016)
These two shows gave me the same fuzzy warm feeling inside! If you loved one, I feel safe in saying you will like the other, even thought they don't have much in common plot-wise.
They do share the same type of feeling and idea - watching two people slowly fall in love, completely and irrevocably, and once they are there, never waver.
Both couples are extremely adorable.
Both of these shows have the main characters surrounded by great friends and family members.
And both of these shows are #relationshipgoals and OTP!
Recommended by KatiaSchwarz
Both dramas have a similar feel with the main leads having a childhood connection between them. They're both cute, fluffy romances that make you love the main leads so much. They also have hilarious comedy.
Recommended by AmynaA
They both revolve around sports. I also think that, though the dynamic between the leads is different in each drama, the relationships start and grow in a similar way!
Recommended by alexa
The main couple from 'Weightlifting...' play supporting characters in 'Cheese...' and the plots have more differences than similarities, but if you look for college drama, those two are one of the best I've ever seen.
Recommended by Klaudia
Great humor and 'friends-turned-couple' type of dramas :D
Recommended by Klaudia
Both are sports dramas with good, but different types of humor, good romance (and for 'real' romance you have to wait quite long in both dramas).
'Whirlwind...' is more action than 'Weightlifting...' , but the second one has really great friendship and 'normal life' plot.
Recommended by Klaudia
Focuses on school life and have feel realistic. WF in college, School 2017 in high school.

Both the female leads have dreams that they want to accomplish. The male leads are just so lovable and they will constantly put a smile on your face. You'll love both the leading couples in these shows, chemistry is off the charts.
Recommended by scarletlover1
Both relationships started as friendship (where the girl is reluctant and the boy pushes him on her) and they liked someone else so first they have to comfort themselves. To get together they need a slow development which gives the scent of real life. (and that is awesome! :))Enrique's and and Joon Hyeong's personality and attitude to life and to their loved person is quite similar. And to be honest, Enrique's smile always reminds me of Joon Hyeong's. It's just adorable <3
Recommended by Hanna Nagy
Both sports drama with swimming athletes. Both main leads became friends before lovers. They had great chemistry. Light bubbly easy to watch dramas that give you the same feel-good vibes.
Recommended by Shelly
Not similar in terms of storyline.. like at all
but both dramas give off a "fluffy"/cutesy feel
overall, both are fun and light dramas that you should try ;)
Recommended by wren
Both dramas represent youth & their problems in adolescent years. In a good way have a lesson about never giving up on dream much as in WFKBJ.
If you can watch Taiwanese dramas, give it a go!!
Recommended by Alyce