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Jan 20, 2018

Lost Time...

It Lost me between Episode 7 and Episode 14 before it started holding my interest again; and since the story is about Mages, we finally get to see some more fighting & magic in Episode 16 in the secret chamber under the Celestial Dance House, from then on it starts to pick up momentum for me until the final episode.

The intermittent songs with flashbacks were so cliché they should have been left out and saved for the more 'Campy' frivolous, romantic dramas.  
In this last decade, viewer's have become more sophisticated even as Sound & CGI technology excels.  It's time to change the style and advance to a more movie-like quality with the 'Wow' factor and ditch the old over-used plot tricks.  (ie... mid-episode songs; having to give air underwater to pretend a kiss; corny 'flirt' music in the background while man and woman banter back and forth with meaningless stale words; and the 'catch and swoop' as an excuse for them to hug and get close).  Seen it sooooo many times, isn't the audience getting bored yet?  Aren't the writer's tired of scripting the same old thing?

On a positive note, the core basis of the story is compelling and the costumes and settings are appealing.  I gave this a high rating for it's integral quality, any misgivings that I mentioned were just my opinion and should not have any negative impact to dissuade others from enjoying this series, because it does hold high entertainment value.  Maybe we're just starting to expect more in this digital age and to execute the masterful presentation of a story, it needs to compliment the great special effects and discard the hokey banal components of yesterday.

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Dec 13, 2017

It's finally over

. I really wanted to love this, but it dragged too much. If they had condensed the story into less episodes, it would have been so much better.
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