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both of female lead are desired by many men
and famous for their great beauty
and are the key to fulfill a prophecy

should I clarify that the men here are of a breathtaking beauty ???????
Recommended by made moiselle
Both dramas male leads are Emperor Hong Tai Ji of Qing Dynasty.
Both dramas focused on romance more than politics.
Recommended by Daisy Lili
If you like the relationship between Emperor Hong Tai Ji and Hai Lan Zhu, you will enjoy this drama.
Recommended by Daisy Lili
Both dramas are under Qing Dynasty. Two princes fight for the crown and the female leads.
Both female leads are beautiful and naughty and these dramas focus on romance.
Recommended by Daisy Lili
Female lead travel through time.
I watched Rule the World and couldn’t fill the void after watching it. Found The Journey by accident, completely fell in love with it.
Recommended by GiaGia
Scarlet Heart is set during the reign of Kangxi ( 1661 – 1722) while Rule the World is set at beginning of Qing Dynasty. The male lead is Huang Taiji (the first actual Emperor of Qing Dynasty ) while his father is Nurhaci, is the founder of Qing Dynasty.

Scarlet Heart and Rule the World have a similar plot: a woman who goes back in times and gets entangled with the princes of the reigning dynasty.
So if you like the first drama, you could like also the second.
Recommended by kayea
Both feature strong female lead and very romantic love story. The female lead in rule the world also loved another before her main love interest came along.
Recommended by LazySeal
Both dramas adress the hardships and struggles faced by women in the jurchen/manchu culture. Rule The World is a time travel drama that covers the process of the foundation of the Qing Dynasty and Ruyi is a harem drama set in the reign of Qianlong, the sixth emperor of Qing.
Recommended by Choi Yoon is my life