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The King's Woman Episode 22

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Sep 13, 2017

Episode 22 Summary: Han Fei, Jing, & ALMOST sex

So in this episode, the military expedition is carried out, Jing tries to learn the secret sword technique, and the Emperor and Li'er get REALLY close--spoilers ahead

1.We open up to Li'er and Zheng arguing over the sleep conditions. Essentially she wins and gets the bed and he states he will not sleep because he can't, and will watch her. She says do what you want, falls asleep, has a nightmare, and she is surprised that he is still awake. He promises not to sleep and protect her...

2. Jing and Lan'er were successful in arriving at Tian; he must carry her because she is injured. They locate the training spot in something that is like indiana jones: they unlock a secret room, and are sealed inside until he can learn the technique. So it's learn or die.

3.In this secret room, they discover an altar. Inscribed are the names Cao No, Zhuan Zhu, Yu Rang, and Nie Zheng. The last name stands out to him. Apparently he assassinated the Han King over a century ago, but could not escape the palace, so he damaged his face and killed himself. HOWEVER grandpa said that this was all a ruse; that Nie Zheng did escape and he planted the corpse and damaged the face so they would think it was him and lived in seclusion. So he had to use the sword technique.
SO HISTORICALLY we know Jing Ke tried to kill the emperor (sorry I have to spoil that) and so I guess this is what our JING is going to attempt....

4.They pick up a sword off the altar and magically an indoor thunder storm occurs and on the wall, HOLOGRAM IMAGES of the technique appear--YES. Don't know how they got that technology. So I had to suspend reality but laughed so hard....

5.Meanwhile, the emperor continues to display a puppy like devotion to Li'er. Just watching her sleep...and then we flashback to to Jing who is training, presumably to kill him although I don't think he has made that choice yet--it's just an interesting thing because as the emperor and Li'er become more close, Jing becomes closer to making what I expect to be his big choice to kill the emperor....

6.Elsewhere, Ru'er/Lady Chu learns through the grapevine that Lady Jing is pregnant. Well she can't have that! She summons her and puts pressure on her to drink a 'special tea' that was from the Grand Dowager so it would be an insult to not drink it, and Jing really has no choice but to drink it. I expect a miscarriage will follow...

7.Meanwhile, since news travels fast, Lady Min talks to her servant about the events that Ru'er has caused. She explains that Lady Jing should have allowed a trusted doctor to make the diagnosis, that way she could have at least kept it secret. But she didn't, and the emperor is away so by the time he returns he probably won't pursue any investigations because Lady Jing is not Li'er.

8.Meanwhile, the emperor discusses with his favorite General Mu the reason for taking all of these troops just to get one scholar. (If you forgot, the entire point of this trip is to retrieve Han Fei) Mu believes it is a waste of resources and will make them a laughingstock. The emperor explains no, we need Han Fei because he is smart, and it will benefit Qin. Also, everyone knows that the king of Han is incompetent and relies entirely upon Han Fei. Everyone will think that Han is the laughingstock for not even challenging me and it will be a great PR campaign because it will show I am not a bloodthirsty tyrant but I can get what I want without war and won't force people to submit necessarily.

9.So in the next scene, all of the Qin soldiers are outside of Han. The king is freaking out and immediately allows Li'er in because she is a woman to negotiate. He says I will give you anything--before they ask--and she says we just want han fei. Well.

---Meanwhile, Jing and Lan'er are basically starving to death because they are trapped in this room and he STILL hasn't mastered this technique. They have run out of water and are done to the last of their food!--

10.In the next scene they are already back in Qin--with Han Fei--at a banquet in his honor! I love it! And Lady Min is cozying up Li'er while Ru'er glowers across the room. Essentially during the banquet the emperor gives Han Fei the choice of being part of Qin and tells him that he respects him. Han Fei is very humble but directly asks him why the heck are you rushing to unite right now? The emperor states he is doing it so that the citizens have a long lasting peace. No one can say no to this.

11.Li Si tries to cozy up to the emperor and Han Fei, and then as Li Si is talking to Han Fei, Lady Han appears--as a gift to Han Fei! That's a big deal!

12.Meanwhile, Lady Min in a talk with her servant states that she does not think that Lady Chu/Ru'er had anything to do with this

13.Our story ends with the emperor chasing Li'er around her chambers like two teenagers and finally collapsing on the bed. He convinces her to let him stay the night....
Now I wonder what will happen next?

Thoughts: Probably one of the best things with this show is its pacing and lack of filler. A lot of shows get bogged down showing the journey to and from a place and adding lots of little filler. But things move very fast in this show. Like they were in Han and back in one episode.

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